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  1. azsprty

    Free case app

    So I just downloaded the app from Apple to order my free case and for bumpers all they have is black? Well that sucks. Guess I wil go speck or incase Edit: link App to place order:
  2. azsprty

    Proximety sensors

    Is this a known issue with a "fix" coming or should I just return to Apple. It just started acting up, dialing numbers while talking, even went to FaceTime. This is the only issue I have so I'd hate to return for a phone with more issues
  3. azsprty

    Jailbreak update

    So I jailbroke my pad today with spirit running iTunes 9.2 and it was easy. Cydia, winterboard etc loaded up extremely easy and smooth
  4. azsprty

    Jb question

    I've been out of the loop lately with all the iPhone 4 hoopla but can I jailbreak the iPad with iTunes 9.2 yet? I know some reports mentioned a continous loop but im ready to jb this sucker
  5. azsprty


    Is it me or is gizmodo coming off as whiney little *****es with their review of iPhone 4. "I can't tell what's front or back". " oh is so slippery". "oh no I have no signal, give us all free bumpers. Wahhhhhh" They sound a little bitter to me
  6. azsprty

    How many of you...

    Turn off 3G when at the house and on a wifi network
  7. azsprty

    Use iPhone 4 SIM in iPad

    I have an iPhone 4 and now a cellular capable iPad. I would like to use the data plan from my wireless carrier with my iPad. Can I just use the iPhone SIM card in my iPad? Will this work?
  8. azsprty

    Where is the video

    Ok so i made a short video clip but i can't find it anywhere. I clicked the iPhone (have a pc) and all i could see were pics...where do i find the movies i made?
  9. azsprty

    Where is GameCenter in iOS 4?

    So i don't have this anywhere on my phone. Shouldn't it be there with OS4.0
  10. azsprty

    Great experience

    I planned on getting to the store around 5 am. A fellow epic member let me know of the growing crowd ( much appreciated) and i got there about 10. A fun crowd, easy setup and fast activation. All looks well, no yellow, good pics and strong bars Now play time
  11. azsprty

    Lost MMS with os 4

    I put the gm on wife's phone, not todays release and now during Texting, no pics or vids. Should I start from scratch?
  12. azsprty

    iBooks for phone?

    So we have 4.0 but where is iBooks at?
  13. azsprty

    Hate to ask but...

    Ok so i have a reservation from Apple and several folks from the local store saying if you have the email then you get a phone. I have read on other sites, probably unwisely, that they could possibly run out of phones for even folks who have reservations. Now I planned on showing at 5 am with...
  14. azsprty

    iPhone at which walmart?

    Is there a way to check which locations will carry the phone without having to call them all?
  15. azsprty

    Arizona folks camping out?

    I'm headed to San Tan if AT&T doesn't fall through
  16. azsprty

    iTunes 9.2/iOS 4

    So the wife's 3GS is jailbroken, mainly to tether my iPad but she wants all the new iOS stuff as well. Should I restore her phone from back up now or wait till iOS4 comes out Monday? Thanks all
  17. azsprty

    Cash/credit/debit confusion

    So their seems to be confusion on how you can purchase the new iPhone 4. i called and was told credit card and debit cards ( with logos, visa, mc etc) are acceptable. Apple stores say if you have cash, you must spilt and pay cash and credit/ debit or you can purchase gift card...
  18. azsprty

    Yet another purchase question

    When I pre order with my cc will they put an initial hold on it? If so how long? Then i assume if launch day is Thursday they will probably charge and ship Tuesday or Wednesday?
  19. azsprty

    Purchase question

    I received a visa gift card for 500.00. Can I use that to purchase on Apples site or does it have to be a normal debit/credit card?
  20. azsprty

    So will the site go down first thing in the morning or once the wwdc starts and when does it usually pop back up?