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    Update Coming Thursday! theres my paypal emails....send the funds there k?
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    Sell me your $100 Apple credit

    if u can somehow proof, which i doubt is possible, that the credit is indeed legit and not used, then i might be interested
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    Ringtones available now?

    make sure you go to view ~~> view option while in the itune store looking at a CD
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    Ringtone Hack Works With 7.4.1 !

    i just did this and it came out perfect. using iTunes 7.4.1. Thanks
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    Picked up new 4G iPhone today

    oh you meant 4 gb. when i first read it i was like WTF 4g?...what happened to 3g
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    iTunes 7.4 Ends Free Ringtones (for now)

    if you use ifuntastic to import your ringtones....your ringtones will not be deleted when you sync your phone
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    So when do we get the extra icon

    if you feel that you got ripped off $200 then you shouldn't of bought the iPhone in the first place. You do know there are many free phones offer by ATT if that $200 meant that much to you. You can blame Jobs or Apple, businesss is businesss.
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    Best Wireless Router?

    get a linksys wrt54gs and hack it with the dd-wrt firmware. you can then increase the range and power of it yo your own needs.
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    Daytrade Apple Stock To Get Your $$ Back

    wow really mature go do that!
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    MobileChat vs. ApolloIM

    probably a noob question, but for both of these software, does it count towards data or text message. thanks
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    CALI Insurance for iPhone

    go to the state farm located on colima, right next to la fitness and ask for kasandra. Then tell her you want to insure your iPhone. Ill cost you $30 a year only
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    CALI Insurance for iPhone

    if you live near diamond bar....i can recommend a place
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    Only one speaker working?

    youre serious? bcuz i always thought it only has one speaker
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    Official iPhone Bluetooth compatibility list

    i can confirm that it works with the Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835
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    The iPhone Girl

    hmmm megan fox and jessica alba?