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  1. Andrew_

    Humor: Hitler Responds to iPad Video

    Hah! That's great.
  2. Andrew_

    2010 College National Championship

    It's not looking good for Texas...
  3. Andrew_

    2010 College National Championship

    Texas or Alabama. Who are you for? I'm not really for either of them, just looking for a good game.
  4. Andrew_

    What was your first cell phone?

    Some Nokia phone, I'm trying to find a picture and remember the name.
  5. Andrew_

    everythingiCafe in 2010

    Thanks everyone, I can't wait to see what happens.
  6. Andrew_

    The pets of eiC

    My cat Chipper:
  7. Andrew_

    I'm starting :)

    I know this wasn't directed at me but it actually is going to help me out a ton. Thanks.
  8. Andrew_

    I'm starting :)

    I'll subscribe to you. Mind doing the same? I'm "BeelerBrothers."
  9. Andrew_

    I'm starting :)

    I've actually been trying to get my own little review businesss going on. Just got an HD camera for Christmas so I think I'm ready to start. Do you have any advice?
  10. Andrew_

    iPhone stuck on boot - silver Apple

    I had the exact same problem and that's exactly what I had to do. It works.
  11. Andrew_

    Your Hobbies

    Playing guitar, playing video games, playing cards, and making money. That's about it.
  12. Andrew_

    Christmas Covers

    Me too. They're my favorite band to listen to on Christmas.
  13. Andrew_

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you.
  14. Andrew_

    Post your latest picture of yourself

    Taken Thanksgiving? Er.. I've resized it in Photobucket but it wont save it or something.. you'll just have to deal with me taking up the page. :D
  15. Andrew_

    Tracking people on your iPhone

    In today's world it wouldn't surprise me if there was an app for this. But no, I haven't heard of one.
  16. Andrew_

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I'm really not sure how I did it.
  17. Andrew_

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Hah, I never use my e-mail. I only use it to activate accounts and such. Not entirely sure why I have it connected.
  18. Andrew_

    Firmware 3.1.3 is on its way!

    Wow, looking forward to it. Thanks for the info.
  19. Andrew_

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    This is my own "custom" theme. I've taken bits and pieces from other themes to create this one. It's not 100% done yet.
  20. Andrew_

    WbWeek Weather from Cydia

    If you're referring to the weather, modifications like that usually pull from what you have your weather app set on. If you want more places, add it to your weather app. If that doesn't work see if there is a place where you can enter your zip-code. If the problem still continues, I would...