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    Your Favorite AR or Augmented Reality App

    A Few weeks ago me and a few friends were discussing apps on phones and we got onto the subject of augmented reality, in itself its quite a cool concept the apps i show my old auntie bel sure gets a half puzzled, half impressed look when i turn my phone to her and say "look ive turned you into a...
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    The Increase in Size of SmartPhones

    If you are a bit of a techy geek like me youve probably been interested in noticing the increase of these personal devices called SmartPhones, from the original iPhone there was the Android based mobile phones such as the Sony Xperia X10 out but now as things are moving on Apple are obviously...
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    Theme Park

    I don't suppose anyone knows if there is plans to port over the classic game Theme Park by Bullfrog do they ? i know there is ports of Theme Hospital on Android etc ..i absolutely loved that game would love to get it for my iPhone 4