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  1. NateEssex

    How to carry iPad without using a man purse?

    I'm wondering how you fellow men carry your iPad around? Have you found a sling bag? I'm not fond of the man-purse, so I'm trying to figure out what I would use to carry it. Thanks for any ideas or links.
  2. NateEssex

    I'm sad to say I just finished installing Invisible Shield by ZAGG :(

    I just spent an hour trying to get the Invisible Shield by Zagg on my new iPhone 3G and it looks pretty crappy. Yes, this was my first attempt, but the edges aren't even close to smooth and it's tacky all over. I did get most of the bubbles out, but it really looks bad :frown: I much would...
  3. NateEssex

    12:01 Dark Knight showing

    I'm catching the 12:01 am showing of Dark Knight in 30 minutes. There's 20 screens showing it here in Doqntown Disney tonight. It's a mob scene. I'll post later with my review :)
  4. NateEssex

    MobileMe--Calendars and bookmarks working for anyone?

    I have my mail, I think, working. I went on my MBP and did the system pref sync and it all appears correct in iCal and Address Book. The problem is I'm not getting Bookmarks or Calendars "pushed" to my iPhone 3G. Any ideas?
  5. NateEssex

    Corporate discount issues @ Apple store?

    an Apple rep just told us that if you had a corporate discount, Apple was having problems activating new iPhones. Anyone else see or hear this?!
  6. NateEssex

    Batman: Gotham Knight

    Batman: Gotham Knight came out on DVD Tuesday. It's suppose to be a prequel to Dark Knight, for those of you interested. The animation is really go so far--watching it now. I'll let you know when I'm done.
  7. NateEssex

    Restore JBed iPhone from 1.1.1?

    So, before going to the Apple store on Friday and switching my iPhone to my wife's phone number, do I restore my JailBroken iPhone with 1.1.1? Don't I need a new sim card? She has a Razor at the moment. What are my options Thanks!
  8. NateEssex

    Gender based iPhone 3G color selection?

    It's pretty simple. Are you getting White or Black? Are you Male or Female? If you're not getting a 3G iPhone, then you can just comment. Thanks!
  9. NateEssex

    MobileMe & Exchange--Can you use both?

    How would your iPhone reconcile having MobileMe and an Exchange server synching contacts? Cal events? Would they overwrite?
  10. NateEssex

    Enterprise Data Plan($45) vs. Personal Data ($30) question

    If I want to access my work Exchange Mail server with push calendar events and email, do I have to get the Enterprise Data Plan($45) ? Or can I do this with the Personal Data ($30) plan? I haven't found any definitive statement that claims you must pay for the Enterprise Data Plan, at least...
  11. NateEssex

    1.1.3--Anyone waiting to see what Apple does with SDK?

    I've read some posts warning against a JBed 1.1.3 regarding the probable inability to install official apps. Is there validity to this? There seem to be a lot of hackers, so you may be "in the know". There's also a lot of people complaining about problems with the 1.1.3 JB process. I...
  12. NateEssex

    Is 1.1.3 worth updating to? I have 1.1.1 and some mods...

    I was wondering if the people who upgraded to 1.1.3 were happy or not with their choice. I played with the NES and SNES roms and they're okay. Sendsong to allow me to use any mp3 is probably the best app I have. I do use Customize a bit and Summerboard to tweak the UI. Otherwise...
  13. NateEssex

    WiFi Password--any way to see what someone keyed in?

    I had my Network Admin key in a WiFi password for my work network. Is there any way to decode the password and see what was entered? Any way to do it on a MacBookPro? I've tried the Keychain app, but when I unlock the encryption, it only shows me part of the password. I happen to know...
  14. NateEssex

    summerboard--themes not working

    I have 1.1.1 running and I have summerhoard. When i selectc a theme, it doesn't work. It used to work with 1.0.2. Do I need to install something else?
  15. NateEssex

    Frequency of People Affected by 1.1.1 and Battery Inadequacy?

    Is everyone, many, some, or few people affected by the diminished battery life with the 1.1.1 update? I am considering updating from the prior version, but am fearful of the battery drainage. I did do searches but I can't tell if it's wide-spread or just a few unlucky souls. Thanks!
  16. NateEssex

    "Error Package file size mismatch!" when I try to install

    When I use Installer, I'm getting "Error Package file size mismatch!" when I try to download some of the larger files. Any ideas?
  17. NateEssex

    Is Jailbreak the name of an app and how do I download it?

    I've read people refer to Jailbreak, but no one links to the app. Is it an app? Yes, I have scrolled through the 11 most recent pages of posts and there isn't a post with that name. I've searched for the word "Jailbreak" and I find posts that refer to it, but not link it. Thanks...
  18. NateEssex

    Is it safe to add real apps to your iPhone?

    I was doing my Saturday morning surfing, and found some info on putting apps on the iPhone. How many people are doing this? Does it void the warranty? If you restore to factory settings, are these changes still there or can/do you do it again? Then there are the crap-apps that may...