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  1. Tytanius

    SpringRoll Guide for 2.0 (SummerBoard Alternative)

    First of all I will introduce SpringRoll. SpringRoll is a SpringBoard beautifier by Yanik Magnan. It's meant to be a transitional tool while users wait for a new version of SummerBoard or Customize. It allows you to change icons, status bar, dock, badge, and sliders. Only problem with it is so...
  2. Tytanius

    Anyone buy Aqua Forest that could post a review?

    I really like the looks of Aqua Forest. I have played a similar game on the PC and it was quite fun. If anyone has bought it could you post a little review on your thoughts? Thanks, Tytanius :2cool:
  3. Tytanius

    Out of stock but received higher discount!

    Unfortunately they were out of stock and had to order one for me (express). Good news though is my one job apparently gave me a discount, he looked it up he found out that it was only 10% and whispered to me that isn't very much so he said he would add in that I worked somewhere else(he didn't...
  4. Tytanius

    Griffin Phone 3G Cases

    Griffin iPhone 3G Cases *Cases Are Now Shipping!* Griffin Technology has created 5 new cases for the iPhone 3G and they are available for pre order now. You can use the coupon code “FIREWORKS” (EXPIRES July 31st) on their website and receive a 20% discount which is a $3-6 discount. They are...
  5. Tytanius

    Black iPhone in this white case? I think the black iPhone looks nicer but I really like this white case and have already pre-ordered it ( Use the code "FIREWORKS" and get 20%/$5 off the case :wink: ). To me it seems the case would cover the wholeness of the black unless you take...
  6. Tytanius

    iPhone 3G Announced :)

    iPhone 3G Announced :) Even thinner, black plastic back, solid metal buttons, same gorgeous display, camera, flush headphone jack, and dramatically improved audio. "We took two other 3G phones -- the iPhone 3G is 36% faster than the nokia N95 and Treo 750 -- and look at the result you get, by...