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  1. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    SMS Text Message not receiving

    So I've haven't been receiving any text messages since Friday the 12th. I can send them just fine. I'm on At&t. Anyone else having this issue? I've tested this with several of my friends on both Verizon and US Cellular.
  2. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Best app for storing and viewing docs?

    Can anyone recommend the "best" app from either the app store or cydia for storing and viewing documents such as PDF or Word? Thanks
  3. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Google Signs Five Year Map Agreement with Tele Atlas

    With this in mind and our (Tele Atlas') recent acquisition by Tom Tom, I would not be at all surprised if Tom Tom was to develop a nav application for the iPhone. ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 30 June 2008 — Tele Atlas, a leading global provider of digital maps and dynamic content...
  4. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    wohoo! free TomTom!

    So the company I work for Tele Atlas, supplies the maps for TomTom and they have just purchased us for some ungodly amount of money. I officially work for TomTom now! Anyway they gave everyone in the building free TomToms to "beta test" the new community map share application. We are about to be...
  5. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    sweet tshirt..

    for the ladies.. :tounge:
  6. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Entertaining Game Reviewer

    I’m not a gamer. In fact, the Atari I rocked back in 1985 was the only console I’ve ever owned. Anyway, if you’re at all familiar with some of the games out there, or even if you’re not, this review site has some hilarious videos. Enjoy...
  7. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    New members!

    It's nice to see a sudden influx of new members in the past day or two. Word of Chris' contest must be getting around! Excellent marketing my friend!
  8. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Evernote unveils iPhone web interface

    This is pretty cool. The image character recognition is amazing. It even works with handwriting!
  9. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Paths & Various Mods

    I thought I'd start a thread with some of the more common paths and mods as the currently stickied thread is a bit outdated. If I've screwed anything up or you know of a better way to do something I've listed, please PM me so I can make corrections, that way we won't have conflicting information...
  10. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Around the world..(game)

    I'm bored.. I've played this game on another forum. It was always fun and I learned something new each time. Essentially you post a picture of something or someplace around the world and others try to guess where or what it is. The person who guesses correctly posts the next picture. You can use...
  11. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Apple Component/Composite Cables & Picture Quality

    Does anyone own one of these for the iPhone, and if so, can you tell me how the quality of the picture is on, say, a 26" widescreen HD-TV? Am I wrong in thinking that the movie file is compressed for size and would thereforee be a bit grainy on a large TV?
  12. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Transparent Icon/Customize question

    Here's what I would like to do. I want zero icons on my screen, with the exception of the four on the dock, but (using the scroll function in customize, or maybe it's summerboard not sure which one) I would like to have a full page of icons on the horizontal scroll page. Anyone tried this or...
  13. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    I'm ready to mod.. Can you confirm a few questions?

    First off, what I would like to do is change my icons to Katra's Ultimate Icon suite and add my own wallpaper behind the springboard. I'm going to jailbreak my 1.1.2 phone later tonight with Chris716's excellent tutorial, then install Summerboard. Do I need to grab Community Sources first...