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    I have a iPhone 5 currently jailbroke on 6.1. I am thinking of updating. Is there a way to go to ios 7 and jailbreak or will it cause more problems than it is worth?
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    Verizon iPhone 5 showing incorrect time?

    I have a new iPhone 5 and on the Verizon network. The time randomly changes and is incorrect more than correct. There is no set amount that it is off , 2 hrs, 11:36 etc. Called Verizon and they sent me to Apple. So last Friday I did the appointment thing and they did a complete restore. It...
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    Volume problem?

    Hello all, I just came back with the new iPhone 5 from Android. I love the way the new phone feels, however I wish it was a little wider, oh well. There are some things that I missed from my old 3gs, the smooth and seamless functioning of Apple products. I must admit that Google and Android...
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    Question 4G/LTE?

    Can someone explain if the iPhone 5 switches to 4G/LTE will it be able to surf the web and talk at the same time over the cellular signal? Thanks.
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    Laptop died during jailbreak, all I get is black screen?

    I was trying to update my 3g to 4.2.1 and jailbreak using greenpoison last night. In the middle of the jailbreak my mac laptop died. Now all I have is a black screen on the 3g. Any help uber appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have a 3g with 3.1.2 and would like to upgrade. What is the latest out that will not bog down the 3g? Thanks.
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    Can I tether an iPad to a Droid?

    Looking to purchase 2 ipads for Christmas. However I need to know if there is a way to tether to Droid without rooting. We had to get rid of our beloved iPhones do to lack of service with Att. The droid tethers very well with with or Macbook Pro.
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    Can't send email?

    Good morning all. I need some help. When I try to send any sort of email I get a message "cannot send mail sender address was invalid". Any input is appreciated.
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    Lost info?

    Ok thanks to all of the info here I finally got 3.1.2 and jailbroke. But when I syncd I lost my all of my password info in E Wallet and all info in Billminder. Is there anyway to get the info back or do I have to reload all of it? Thanks.
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    BlackRain JB

    Ok guys. I am 3g j broke and want to up it to 3.1.2. I went to iTunes and restored and now it says iPhone is activated but has been restoring from backup for more than an hour and still not half way done! Is this normal?
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    If I backup to pkgbackup will I lose my Cycorder videos?

    Hey, I want to update from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2 then rejailbreak with blackrain with my 3g. If I backup to pkgbackup will I lose my Cycorder videos? Let me see if I got this right, restore, update, jailbreak with blackrain? Thanks.
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    Memory issue?

    I have an iPhone 3g jailbroke 3.0.1. I want to know what "other" means in the memory section? I only have 1.29 gb left on a 16g. I do not have a single song on my iPhone. Any help, Thanks.
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    3GS from China?

    Hey all, I have a friend in China for 6 months. He is checking on price of 3Gs. If cheap enough would there be any differences or problems using it here in the states. Langauge, format etc. I currently have a 3G. Thanks.
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    Jailbroke 3G 2.2 upgrade?

    Thanks to many here who helped me jb my 3g. I am wondering with the new updates what am I missing. How difficult is it to go to 3.0 and still jailbreak. I have a little lag now, will it get worse? Is it worth it? I can't imagine not being jailbroke. But the 3.0 sound interesting. Thanks.
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    Backgrounder problem!

    Help, I can't get this app to work. I downloaded it then turned on the applications I wanted to enable. When I bring up Pandora and start it then push the home button it says backgrounding disabled eventhough it is not. Thanks.
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    Email ringtone?

    Is it possible to use a ringtone sent via email as an attachment. If so how? Thanks.
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    Remove Icon?

    I have removed app in Cydia. How do I get rid of the Icon? Thanks.
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    1st Jailbreak!

    Ok guys I believe that I would like to do this (little scared). I have a windows pc here at work and a MacBook Pro (silver). Is there one better than the other? I have a iPhone 3G 16g, 2.2.
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    Jailbroke or not?

    Hey guys this is my first post. I got a new 3g iPhone for x mas. I was wondering just what jailbreak would do for me, the advantages and disadvantages. I have had windows mobile phones in the past and the iPhone is awesome. Thanks.