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  1. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s 6S volume has diminished???

    for about a month now I notice that the volume (mostly on calls) has diminished. both with the earbuds and the built in headset??? Music still plays at about the same volume but talking on the phone has gotten way more difficult?????
  2. Flyingstar

    where to download itunes 12.6.3 ?

    Where can I download this?
  3. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s Ring tone

    Trying to figure out how to set a ringtone from the music I have on my phone???
  4. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s 6S internal mike stopped working just now.

    You can still do talk to text with headset but internal mike suddenly stopped working???
  5. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s Phone "loses" apps and music library

    one day I turned on my phone and all my cd;s that were on it were gone, along with the "music" app that played/ accessed them. Then some other apps disappeared???
  6. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s Transfering photos

    How do I transfer/download photos from my Iphone to my computer? PC running windows 7Pro.
  7. Flyingstar

    4S Where is "use WiFi calling?

    4S Where is "use WiFi calling? Its not under settings, phone like my 6S
  8. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s Now it's receiving mail in the inbox but as soon as I open

    The inbox the mail diapears???? it does not go to trash or POP folders????
  9. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s New 6S replacement prob. mail goes to POP not inbox?

    Got my new 6S set it up as new phone then did a sync to get all my "stuff" back worked fine but now all my email goes to POP instead of my inbox????
  10. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s Some things are not right W/my 6S

    When I dial a number either from contacts or manually I get the message: "welcome to Verizon, your call canot be completed as dialed" then when I try again the call goes right through??? Also when I go to settings,sounds and chose text tone and pick one and save, when I get the next text it...
  11. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s My new (two weeks) 6S just stopped doing talk to text??

    See heading/ title
  12. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s cannot be synced, an unknown error has occurred

    It synced when I got it two weeks ago. today I wanted to remove some of the albums in "my music" and keep getting this pop up: "this iPhone cannot be synced, an unknown error has occurred" Tried three times then did a hard reboot of the phone and tried again, same thing?
  13. Flyingstar

    Friends 4S stopped giving text alerts?

    It rings for voice mails, and calls but no text alerts/tones. I have tried everything, changing alert tones, going to individual contacts and changing alert tones for texts. rebooting, Nothig works. she does get the texts and the phone vibrates but no tone???
  14. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s How the heck did they manage to go from 30 pins to 8 ?

    How is that posible and still get all the info and power to and from the phone?
  15. Flyingstar

    iPhone 6s Wha are the differences between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

    What is the difference? what features does the 6S+ have that the 6S does not?
  16. Flyingstar

    Phone slow to place a call or open an app

    Since the last update my 4S seems slow to place a call to a contact. it takes almost 2.5 seconds before I get the call screen?? Also, apps seem slow to open?
  17. Flyingstar

    Phone does not change from portrait to landscape view when tilted, will not connect to iTunes

    Just started this morning. Tried to do a restore w/ iTunes but iTunes does not see the phone when plugged in to USB cord on computer. also there is an icon in the upper right corner near the battery gauge that looks like a padlock with a circle around it?
  18. Flyingstar

    Phone does not "ding ding" when a text arrives!

    Tried all the Sound and message settings, every thing is as it should be but no sound when texts are received???
  19. Flyingstar

    It keeps asking me (pop up) to sign into iCloud (even though iCloud is off)

    I have I cloud turned off, I don't use it. but I keep getting pop ups asking me to sign in??? also any time I play music from my library I get pop up's asking me to log on to the iTunes store???
  20. Flyingstar

    Restoring iOS 6 if I don't like iOS 7?

    I am considering upgrading to iOS 7. If I don't like iOS 7, is there a way to restore back to iOS 6?