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  1. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Cydia app to change text message sounds

    yes, you need to be jailbroken to access the directories and files on the phone. quriat: I gave all the steps for ssh in this thread.
  2. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Use iPhone as an iPod touch

    Anyone know how to do this. I'm hanging up the iPhone for 2 years to save cash for school but I'd still like to use it for everything else, ipod, calc, various apps, etc. Most of these responses were posted back during much older firmwares and jailbreaking app versions. I'm running 2.2 on the...
  3. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Ubuntu Love

    Ubuntu is great. I built a machine to run as a server a few weeks ago installing Ubuntu on it. If you think it's snappy now, check out fluxbox, a really simple window front end that can be tweeked to your liking. I really love the Ubuntu forum, too. It's packed with answers and good people just...
  4. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    SMS tone

    pretty sure she is not a sir. :tounge:
  5. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    What's SSH?

    yes, I think you need more than three letter in the search for it to function properly. Here's a link on jailbreaking. There's info in there about SSH. I post the whole thing because it gives you an idea of where SSH fits into the whole shebang...
  6. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Replaced the iPhones with this...

    wow.. just in the other day I (out of the blue) began researching firearms, and now this thread.. huh. I really want to purchase a handgun. I've read good things about the sig P229. Thanks for the link Hawk. Any recommendations on where I can read up on state and federal laws?
  7. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Yup there's something wrong here. Trying to post a screenshot but it keeps giving me a little paper icon.
  8. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    lost anyone?

    The time "shifting" seems to happen a little too conveniently. I mean, why not take them back a few hundred years or propel them into the very distant future? I understand from a “show creator’s perspective” that would not tie the stories together, but it makes me wonder if that convenience is...
  9. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    SMS Text Message not receiving

    Well I figured it out after four calls to AT&T and three weeks without sms. Long story short, about five weeks ago I asked AT&T to give me a new phone number. They did and my sms worked for about a week or so, then it stopped working all together. Apparently AT&T recycles phone numbers...
  10. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    to hack or not to hack?

    what exactly are you looking for? jailbreak that ***** and we'll point you in the right appo directiono
  11. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I'm not. just kidding.. what's up. :tounge:
  12. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Top 10 Songs On iPhone/iPod

    1. Dixon: Live_at_spain_is_different 2. The Orb: A Beautiful Day 3. The Orb: The Truth Is... 4. Annie Nightingale 10.13.2007 feat: David Holmes 5. Annie Nightingale: Alex Patterson 44 min mix 6. Alex Patterson: live at triple j the club 7. see #1 8. see #2 9. see #3 10. see #4
  13. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    New User, yes another "unjailbreak" ? but i searched

    welcome and yes, any phone in any flavor of firmware can be "restored" to stock.
  14. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Apple Announces Its Last Year At Macworld, No Steve Jobs Keynote

    jeesh.. I'd opt for the smiley over a verbose explanation. just me though. :tounge:
  15. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Removing Vibration when plugging in for charging

    well hot-diggity-dawg, kwan. excellent sleuthing, I say.
  16. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    bush and the shoe

    bawahahahahaahah!1!1 I just spit soda all over my screen... :tounge:
  17. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    I tried again- no luck Help!

    Smittylube, at the point you're getting stuck, quickpwn should have already created the modified/jailbroken firmware. I know that with PwnageTool or WinPwn (the full versions of quickpwn) the newly created firmware is saved to your hardrive somewhere. Take a peak around and see if quickpwn...
  18. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    Jailbreaking with 10.5.6 BE CAREFUL!

    You've probably got the update checker set look for new updates weekly instead of daily? Also, you can check for them manually from the Apple pull down menu at the top.
  19. freakydeaky dutch bastard

    bush and the shoe

    haha.. and what was with the secret service taking their sweet time to cover bushy? Guess they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. :tounge:
  20. freakydeaky dutch bastard


    I don't think so. I updated to 10.5.6 earlier tonight and not five minutes later restored in DFU mode. No problem whatsoever.