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    3GS iOS 5 - Cydia tweak

    Not sure if this is in the right place or not I just upgraded to 5.0.1, from the very old 3.1.2. I rejailbroke with red snow etc etc. Everythings good, now this is my first time with multitasking, does anyone know of any app, or tweak, in cydia that will let me select which apps will natively...
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    Tethering 3GS and Windows 7

    Need help trying to tether my Internet to my computer , I'm not using mywi or any of that, it's Apples native tethering I know it works because I can turn it on and use it with my work computer no problem but I can't get it to work on mine If I go into network connections on my comp it shows...
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    upgrading to 4.1 through saved blobs

    probably could search but was wondering if anyone could provide me a link to upgrade from 3.1.2 to 4.1 im currently j/b w/ blackra1n tethered, i want to use limera1n or greenpoison untethered i have ios 4.1 saved in cydia but have no idea how to upgrade my firmware to anything but the non...
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    Tethered 3GS question

    I currently have a 3gs jb w/ blackra1n and it's obv tethered If the phone shuts off I plug it into the computer no problem My question is, will black ra1n only run on the it was computer originally set up on or can I d/l and run it from another computer as well? I have tried it at my work...
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    Jailbreak for 3G on 4.1

    Was wondering if there is a jailbreak for this, tried limera1n and greenpois0n to no avail, unless I'm doing something wrong It was previously jb with jailbreakme on 4.0 but was unbarably slow so I upgraded to 4.1 which does seem faster but I cannot find a method to jb Thank you