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  1. hmfc-1874

    Post a funny video (I will start way a rabbit)

    Edit: Apologies the original video obviously not everyone's cup of tea and apologise if it offended anyone, will add a different video later , still anyone got any videos ? Hopefully better than my taste [MEDIA[/MEDIA] Your turn to post a funny video! See if we can get a chain of funny...
  2. hmfc-1874

    IOS 8.3 Tweaks

    I am stuck on ios 8.3 until the 9.3 jailbreak is out. I am looking for the best tweaks for a iphone six plus on 8.3. Any of you want to tell me what your using that works for 8.3? thanks
  3. hmfc-1874

    Jailbreak iOS 9.2?

    Is there a jailbreak for iOS 9.2? Seen a link on YouTube Not sure if it's legit so don't click until someone can confirm it ?im stuck on iOS 8 otherwise until ! ***EDIT*** Sorry i meant 9.1.
  4. hmfc-1874

    iPhone 6s Apple Upgrade System

    I watched the last of the Keynote.. I caught the part about the iphone upgrade system they will be offering (I know only in the US, so I understand it will be about two years here in the UK sadly !) but I have a few questions. How does it work? What is the price? Will you use this service? Do...
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    Great adverts Post them here !

    Scotland wants to become independent, the vote to make this big decision is on the 18th of september. I was watching Sky News and arguably one of the best adverts i have ever seen is about this came on. So does anyone else have any great adverts they want to share ? Also any other Scots on...
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    How do I set up receiving calls from iPhone, through Yosemite?

    I currently have my Mac on yosmite 10.10 (latest update) and iPhone 5 IOS 8 Beta . However I can't seem to find out how to revive calls and SMS texts won't sent through iMessage. Any help. thanks !
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    Tethering plans in the US

    Mods please feel free to move (not sure where is should've put) How are phone plans in the US that that include teathering ? As in the UK, most mobile networks have always put caps on teathering of even not allowed it at all. Apart from one, this offered the following: . unlimited...
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    Wish they would allow Adobe Flash

    You know, I understood when iPhone 3gs came out and Apple said, look we don't think Flash will be as popular 3 years down the line due to html5 so we are not going to make it a part of the iPhone. But it's something that obviously is still widely used and apple should implement it! Thoughts people?
  9. hmfc-1874

    When will we be expecting the keynote for iPhone 6?

    If I remember correctly the keynote is usually middle of August and phones start getting shipped middle of September, any rough dates or guesses?
  10. hmfc-1874

    Waterproof iPhone

    Why has this never been tackled when bringing a new iPhone out? Sure you can get cases but that will cost just about as much as the phone itself. It would be a great feature I think. I have never spilt anything on my iPhone (touch wood I don't ) also how great would it be to be able to record in...
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    Post a photo of your desktop

    I was sorting out my desktop, started pinning the apps I use to the task bar I use the most. I also only kept a few icons on my desktop, as I had it cluttered before. So what is your desktop like ? Neat or a organised mess? Mine is attached
  12. hmfc-1874

    Apple should allow changeable battery

    The one thing I have missed since owning a smart phone is to be able to Unclip the back and change the battery. Will Apple ever add this feature? I know it's possible to open up the phone and mess about inside the phone and change the battery but it can be a tricky game to do and if your in a...
  13. hmfc-1874

    Reformatting phone but keeping on 7.0.4?

    Hi guys I know this should be on the JB part of the forum but could not navigate to it on app due to restrictions. So mods if you can please move this thread. My problem is I want to set my phone back to factory settings but keep it on 7.0.4 so I can rejailbreak it. Is this still possible to...
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    Is there a jailbreak feature that can stop apps knowing my device is jail broken?

    An update for my banking app has came up on the App Store but it won't work if I update as my iDevice is jail broken, anyway I can stop them from knowing my device is not jb?
  15. hmfc-1874

    Chance of wireless charging for iPhone 6

    Do you think one of the features with the new iPhone 6 will be wireless charging. I think this would be a great feature ! Sent using iCafe app
  16. hmfc-1874

    Can you put an normal SIM in iPad ?

    can i put a sim card from an iPhone in an iPad to use its internet as my network won't allow tethering. so i want to use my phone sim with my iPad ?
  17. hmfc-1874

    Any app designers wanting to work on a project?

    Hi all, for most things you look for on appstore you can usually say 9 times out of 10 "there is an app for that" However I have found the appstore lacking an app that some people like me in the IT and Networking Industry could really do with. one of them being Microsoft Visio. to give...
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    can you draw notes on Microsoft onenote on iPad?

    hey guys going to buy an iPad mini when the price goes down for them when the new one comes out. I was wondering if you can draw notes, like draw a diagram or something, because i have a friend that has a MS Surface and this is possible. Was wondering if this was a feature on iPad ?
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    Do I have to buy iWork separate on each device? (Mac/iPhone)

    Say i buy iWork on mac, do i have to buy it again on iPhone ? thanks
  20. hmfc-1874

    iPhone chargers are poor quality

    Honestly I have went through dozens of them and this is just my one year old iPhone 5 on its own. Bought one from asda tonight £17 But it's a coil type wire (like old phone wire) so hoping as this is thicker it will be stronger and last me longer. How many have you used with current iPhone ...