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  1. randuff

    Giving my son iPhone 4, question about transfer.

    My son is using my old 3Gs. I plan on giving him my 4 but since the sim cards are different is this something I need to do at AT&T and is the transfer on iTunes easy?
  2. randuff

    Trying to restore backup from iCloud

    So I am trying to set up my 4s using iCloud restore. Time left is now at 4 hours (started at 6.) I am not at home so I can't connect to iTunes. Is there a better way to set this phone up? Other than setting it up as a new phone. I am going from a 4 to a 4s
  3. randuff

    Looking for an App; Can't remember the name

    I cannot recall the name of the app I once had and was hoping someone would know it. I did a search but didn't know how to describe it in the search tool. It is a simple app that basically allows you to swipe the screen to FF or rev or vol up/down when using the iPod feature on the iPhone 4.