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    Please give your opinion on the iPhone 3G

    And I could teach you a few things about comma placement.
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    iPhone venting

    This is my first Apple product, and I've had it since release day. It would definitely describe it as buggy, as much as I enjoy it. I couldn't tell you how many times the phone and/or applications (especially Safari) have crashed on me in the past 3 weeks. My Windows based PC on the other hand...
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    Any Definitive Answer on Why 3G has been Capped to 1/2 Capacity?

    In Fayetteville, NC I'm getting 1.32Mbps, 1320kbps. Although last night when I tried the speed test, it was only 100kbps. Network volume, I suppose
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    AIM app not always on?

    It doesn't give you notifications, no. It is for the 3G. It's just an option, thought I'd throw it out there. :)
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    AIM app not always on?

    use Its a webapp that will allow you to login to all of your messenger apps.
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    Apple Replaced iPhone 3G

    I replaced mine yesterday for the same reason, non functioning home button. I hope we're not seeing a developing pattern with hardware failure.
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    At&t Store Availability Update

    All of us nuts who waited in line paid for a phone and walked out with it, though! :laugh2:
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    iPhone 3G glossy back scratch proof?

    it's just like anything else. Anything harder than the plastic will scratch it. When you set it on a table and there happens to be dirt or whatever underneath it, it's more than likely going to get scratched. That's usually how you get swirl marks on your car's paint job. You wash the car, but...
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    Are there still lines at the Apple store?

    I went to the Apple store here in Durham, NC today to get my busted 3G swapped out for a service part. There were at least 20 people standing outside of the building, IN THE RAIN. The employees told them that they didn't have any phones in the store and they weren't even sure if they were...
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    Perfect iPhone car mount for cheap, but will it fit the 3G version?

    Has anybody received one of these and tried it yet?
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    Home button stopped working

    I just received a call from the manager of the AT&T store I purchased my phone through. He apologized and said that I was given incorrect information-- they will NOT replace my phone, and all warranty issues are to be handled through Apple directly. Apple does have replacement phones...
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    I accidentally clicked "buy" on an app...

    Yes, you must first touch the button to purchase the app, and touch it a second time to "install" the app. The second touch commits you to paying for it.
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    Home button stopped working

    Well, I just returned home after going to AT&T. They said they'd be happy to replace it for me, but they don't have any in stock. I gave them my information and they will supposedly call me as soon as they get some in their store. I called the Raleigh Apple Store a few minutes ago, and they...
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    Home button stopped working

    I'd rather try it than have to drive 2 hours north to the nearest Apple store though, but I appreciate your input!
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    Home button stopped working

    Believe me, I'll be at AT&T first thing in the morning. :wink:
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    Home button stopped working

    I understand that the product just launched, and thereforee the probability of it having technical issues is higher because of that. Because of this, I'm not extremely upset that I'm having a problem with it.... I'd just really like it replaced without a hassle.
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    Home button stopped working

    Thanks for the reply. Restoring definitely did nothing to resolve my problem. Do you think that AT&T would replace it for me? We don't have any Apple stores in my town, the closest one is roughly 80 miles away.
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    Home button stopped working

    Alright, tonight I went to a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert in Raleigh. I used my 3G for half of the evening, texting, internet and phone calls. Half way through the show, my home button quit working! I tried powering off the phone and restarting it, resetting it from the phone's menu...
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    Has anyone had luck with iTunes activation yet?

    For the love of God, that was painful. Finally complete though.. now to start playing with this thing. :)
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    iTunes store activation is working

    I just drove back to the store (because they deactivated my old SIM, I wasn't able to CALL) and no, they can't activate either. In fact, their activation process is identical to what we're trying at home. The customer service agent I talked to was even getting the exact same error message we're...