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    Smugness and iPhone

    I stood in line on June 29th. I wasn't first in line, was somewhere around 100. I own a 24" Imac, and a Core Duo Macbook. I have both generations of Nano (8 gig), and gave away my 60 gig Video to my brother after I bought the 80 gig. I still have a 512 MB shuffle and a newer little green...
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    How would I sync 2 iPhones with 2 different address books

    Probably a dumb question I could get answered if I searched on my own, but what the hell this is what the forum is for, right? Let's say my wife wants an iPhone and she wants to sync it on my Mac with a different address book. I currently have the only address book and she barely uses the...
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    5 CLEAR Solutions regarding ALL iPhone issues

    1. Make sure the plastic covering the screen is removed. This has been the source of much frustration and controversy for many iPhone users in this forum. 2. If any volume problems make sure you get the earwax cleaned. You can visit an EMT in your area with a google search. You can even...
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    For anyone with battery issues.

    Did you remember to recharge it before using it? If so....and it still doesn't work properly maybe you should get your eyesight tested so you don't have to use the full brightness of the screen. This was a joke meant to be a funny passive aggressive attack on those who keep telling me to...
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    Could the call volume be addressed via a software update?

    I do not want to get into another mine does this and yours does that debate. I simply want to know that if Apple decided there was a speaker volume issue if it could be fixed via an update. And if so, when would this happen?
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    If the iPhone were at 100% how would you feel?

    I know this probably isn't the case, but let's pretend the software for the iPhone will not be updated. MMS will never come. Video, IChat, speaker volume and all else is EXACTLY the way it will always be. No software updates, no ring tones, etc. How would you feel? Would you be happy? I...