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    What are real reasons to mod?

    Are there any iPhone "mods" that won't require a full factory re-sync when an official Apple software comes out? I know the ringtones/wallpaper/visual mods will all require a full factory restore... but what about additional apps like SSH, the games that are currently out, etc.? because I'm not...
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    Tips And Tricks

    I think the tip is for when you are viewing a webpage that is longer than can fit on one page, and the page is fully loaded (so the URL bar disappears from the top of the screen). If you tap the top of the screen on a long page while it's still loading, yeah you'll get the URL address field...
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    Tips And Tricks

    That's because the horizontal keyboard doesn't work in any app besides Safari (yet).
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    Should i buy an iPhone now or wait?

    Looking at Apple's rollout of the Intel platforms is probably a decent analogy, because that was basically a whole new product direction in terms of making everything they had working under PPC work under Intel. Within months of the first MacBooks and MacBook Pros, rev. A was issued that corrected...
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    I'm 28 going on 40... (because of my job) I can see where the folks saying "X is too young" are coming from. I look back on how I valued things in hs and even college, and man, it's just crazy in retrospect. Something that was the center of my world back then is just totally irrelevant and not...
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    reception improvement

    I've actually been having a very positive experience with the iPhone's signal strength (knock on wood!) ... in my apt in Chicago, I have historically had a really spotty Cingular signal; I've used three different phones (Nokias, a Motorola, and a Blackberry), and my wife had a different Nokia on...
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    wow AIM

    Should be (no www) -- and yeah, its the best imo too. You can log in and log out from all accounts with one tap, and if you lose connection it will try to reconnect next time you have internet access. BTW, you have to visit the website on your iPhone, it seems to know when...
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    Bookmarklets work!

    Yeah to be honest I wasn't super impressed with any of the ones linked before, but I did a further search and found some good ones here, including "Search for text", "Open in new tab", "Search for in Dictionary/Thesaurus", and "Search for in Wiki"...
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    Bookmarklets work!

    Not sure if anyone's still looking for a quick-and-simple explanation of bookmarklets, but here's my go at it: A bookmarklet is basically a bookmark that "does" something rather than "takes" you somewhere. The reason it "does" something is someone (e.g., Google, an independent programmar...
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    Jt&t Oops, accidentally requested this in the other thread... Can anyone do a "JT&T" logo? (My first name's Jay :) ) Thanks! j