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    helppp! ASAPP

    okay i jailbroke my iPhone 3G 2 months ago. i changed my status bar from AT&T to my nickname. the phone got slow from being jailbroken, then i restored and went back to official firmware. but it still shows my nickname on the status bar. so i want it back to factory settings because i don't want...
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    urgent help needed

    okay heres the story, i got a iPhone 3g, i updated it to 2.1, i decided to jailbreak it and i loved it but it soon started to run reall slow. anyways i had themes and all that stuff and i changed the status bar ( where it says AT&T) to my name. so i decided to restore and go back to an...
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    anyway to take the music from your iPhone out and save it to the computer?

    for example idump. but is there another program like it that does the same functions?
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    help beejiveim is real inresponsive on my 3G

    i just bought it and i cant do anything. its irresponsive. im jailbroken also. i jsut don't understand why its not workingg. i uninstalled and all that
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    can i downgrade from 2.1 to 2.0?

    I recently upgraded my iPhone 3G to iPhone software update 2.1. Can i downgrade from 2.1 to 2.0 on my 3g?
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    can i search and download through the official App Store if i jailbreak?

    if i jailbreak my 3G can i still download from the official appstore?
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    EA announces the SIMs 3, SIMcity, and spores for the iPhone

    EA is releasing a few games for the iPhone sometime this month. i think the sims would be cool to play on the iPhone =]
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    Attach photos with mail?

    if i receive a mail to my iPhone. can i press the reply button and from there attach a photo? or i have to go to Photos > choose the pic you want to send > email photo?
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    3G in NYC Got better dramatically

    first day i had the 3g i went to and i only had 157kbps and the past two days ive tried it and i go over 1500kbps using 3G, thats as fast as wifi and in some cases faster than wireless. im impress and i thank god i don't feel remorseful about it. AT&T service must have...
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    Dust under iPhone screen

    I'm not the only one that seeing small specks of dust under the screen. I have about 6 specks. This sucks because my phone isn't even a week old! Also I'm not having this problem alone. I was on the macrumors and many people are having this problem also. Can I exchange my iPhone ?
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    hottest most stylish case>? help out please

    i don't want to regret a case that i wouldn't like on my iPhone 3G. do any of you know any cases that are highly stylish and not bulky...keep it simple.."hot"
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    Direct fulfillment order status (help)

    hey im new to the forums. and i must say this forum is cool. but my question is that i did direct fulfillment on friday. and i check my status on their website. when i did. i notice that theres two items? when i only ordered one iPhone. and was charged for one item. now my question is. does...