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    iPhone X Everyone happy?

    Coming from the 7/8 plus models I was a little worried about the size but it seems to be the perfect fit. I had no issues with the plus models but this fits comfy. Took a few attempts to get past not having a home button and a few other things but I’m loving it now. Of course I jumped on the...
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    iPhone X Swapping Sims

    Hey everyone. I currently have the 8 plus and my wife ordered me the X on her line and we are going to swap this weekend. Verizon said to just swap the SIM cards and were fine. My question is should I turn the X on and let it activate or pop my SIM card in and then turn it on? Thanks
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    iPhone X Shipped

    My silver 256 Verizon X shipped and left Memphis TN today. Anyone else have their tracking info yet?
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    iPhone X Tracking phone

    I was lucky to be on Verizon early and get the silver 256 X for Friday 11/3 delivery. I know it’s “processing” and probably will until Monday or Tuesday by isn’t there a way to track with location or order number?
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    iPhone 7 7 + completely sold out, JB 7 as well

    If you want to go to a store and try and get the 7+ without a preorder I wouldn't bother. Per Apple Apple’s statement is below: We couldn’t be happier with the initial response to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and we are looking forward to beginning sales through our retail stores and...
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    iPhone 7 Launch day

    I have always gotten my phones on launch day either waiting in line or ordering over the phone. This year looks to be different. I placed my order for a normal black 7 plus 256 gig. I got a Verizon rep on the phone at 11:59 and was off the phone a few minutes later. Crazy to order that fast and...
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    Prices dropping hard

    Best Buy has original watch 38mm 189 and 42mm for 219.00. Looks like some SS models for 399
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    iPhone 7 Pro and a plus model?

    With all these rumors and "leaks" popping up. I keep reading about a 7 plus and a 7 pro. If this is legit what is the difference between these two?
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    When did this forum become so slow and stagnant? The front page hasn't been updated since December of 2015, there is no forum for the new i OS 10 coming out (hell so many have the beta already with plenty to discuss) I guess everyone went to mac forums instead of rightfully so...this place has...
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    Watch OS 3

    Anyone that has the option for the beta, watch OS 3 makes this so much better. The faces are better, switching on the fly is awesome and it seems faster overall
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    Dark sky

    Anyone use Dark Sky with Apple Watch? I use carrot but have heard Dark is more accurate and more updates
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    OS 10 music

    I have the beta for apple music and watch OS 3. These things are running very smooth for a beta. Anyhow I thought there would be lyrics in music now. Is this just for Apple Music and not the songs we download and own? thanks
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    iPhone 6s Bluetooth = auto repeat?

    I run my phone through my car Bluetooth and for some reason it sets the music to auto repeat. I have to go into the music app, to the song and remove repeat. Is there a way to stop this permanently? Why does it do it?
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    Complications/glances not working

    Anyone else having issues with glances not loading or complications? I have downloaded apps such as lifesum, weather underground and lose it and none of the complications load. They are just blank. Also the glances just spin and spin until the screen goes blank. Both phone and watch have lates...
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    sending sketches and taps help

    ok so my wife and I bought the apple watch and were under the same ID and when I would send a sketch she would get it but it would come to me as well showing my number then whatever it was i sent. So she created a new apple ID and we put her under my account with family sharing. Now she sends a...