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    iPhone dust control

    that's weird. I have never owned a phone that had a bad dust problem...I know my friends Razr was pretty bad though...=( :foot:
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    No stylus?

    i don't think the finger will be an issue at all. They probably would have thought about the "thick finger" don't you think? I have a feeling we'll all be incredibly surprised by how well it works. Maybe not though, could suck bad. Just don't know. :laugh2:
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    iPhone radio

    Well, if it doesn't ahve a radio, I'm sure there is some online site you can access to get radio. :smile: Don't get me wrong though, I realllly hope it DOES have a built in radio.
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    Who is the iPhone's current biggest threat?

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    Touch Screeen keyboard - Is it full QWERTY?

    I'm really hoping the qwerty works well, it looked easy on the my hopes are high.:smile:
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    Who is the iPhone's current biggest threat?

    Google Phone. I've heard it's going to be incredible, and similar to the iPhone. I hope so. I have google email and everything so it should be very compatible with me. I'm still debating between the two. (I'll need to learn more about the Google Phone first ex. service, price, etc.)
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    I really want this phone but....

    i really hope so. That's a relief. I'm not planning on getting Edge. Only WiFi...Wifi is available EVERYWHERE in my town so that will be great. I've been waiting for more phones to be Wifi enabled. This one is perfect. Now I only wonder if you can get on AIM through wifi.
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    Will you be getting an iPhone?

    I probably will get one. I hope to get one. It looks great. I'm willing to pay, I'll probably read some reviews first...:2cool:
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    Can I get an iPhone without paying for Internet?

    When I get an iPhone, I don't want to buy internet, I just want to use my wifi or hotspots to get on the internet (there everywhere these days). What I'm wondering is....will I be able to get on AOL Instant Messenger or will that be a special program I have to pay for?