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  1. NoWire

    If the 8GB iPhone was $399.00 at launch...

    Would you have still got the 4GB version? :2cool: I personally thought 4GB was more than enough for a PHONE. After a week of playing with it I still have almost 2GB left in there. Music/videos you say? Got those on my iPod and/or Zune, and soon to come ZEN. :wink: How about you?
  2. NoWire

    Is there a way to keep the iPhone on when docked?

    "On" = meaning the screen. I just want to see its screen on while docked/charging. Didn't get anything with the SEARCH, and tried under settings, etc., and can't seem to find anything about this... Thanks.
  3. NoWire

    Low speakerphone volume?

    Hi guys and gals, How's your speakerphone volume? I can barely hear it on mine, just wondering if this is something normal? They can hear me very clearly on the other end, but somehow it's not the same on my end. Thanks.:frown: