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    ModmyiPhone has put this file up, modified. Apparently, copying it into your phone is supposed to be able to up the volume limit for your headset and headphones. Didn't work for me though. Anyone successful?
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    Deleting folders?

    Did several searches, to no avail. Anyone know how to delete folders in the iPhone? I have some programs that i installed (NOT pxl) that i want gone. Help, please?
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    Photoshop *expert* needed!

    I have a pic that i'd like to use as an icon, however for the theme i'm creating, it requires very precise background removal that I think photoshop MAY be able to do, but i'm pretty sure a seasoned photoshopper would know a way to do it much quicker and/or easier. please leave emails.
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    So what do people seem to ask you about your phone? Here are my most frequent (in no particular order): 1. How's the service on that? 2. So did it REALLY cost $600? / How much did you pay? 3. So what makes it so much better than other phones? / Is it worth it? 4. So what can it do...
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    iPhone Body Repair?

    Im sure any of you who have had any issues with your iPhone that warrant repair via Apple, realize by now they're putting a $200+ price tag on "fixing" your iPhone.....which I'm sure you know by now is just them giving you a new replacement phone, which of course will not contain ANY of your...