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    since my 1.1.3 update I have been having problems with Safari and Weather updates...

    Same problem here....connect issues. Mine affects maps as well, wifi or evdo. No difference.
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    Read my AT&T/eBay/iPhone horror story!

    Go the PUC (Public Utilities Commission), regardless of outcome.
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    IPOD Mode and bitrate

    Bump...anyone? has anyone discovered a way to automatically convert the bitrates of media files transferred to the iPhone by iTunes (similar to the option available for iPod Nano's)?
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    Use Calendar Like a To-Do List?

    another idea Another idea is to use the "all day" feature in the calendar which forces the items to the top of the calendar on the due date.
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    Making/Receiving calls while on EDGE?

    If this is a carrier setting, has anyone called AT&T to see if this can be changed within the account profile? Much like I can change how many rings/time before calls are sent to voicemail? Lee
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    Finding Ringtones....

    Anyone else actually found a way to search for songs available as ringtones, easily? Could they have made it harder? No way to search? I find nothing! Lee
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    Auto Brightness?

    Seems that it only polls after the screen is unlocked... try that. L
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    60% of calls dropping in Bay Area

    I have had problems on 280 dropping calls, however, after I exchanged my phone, it seems to have cured itself. Lee
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    Official Lexus Bluetooth and iPhone Compatibility Discussion

    The Lexus BT system is too tempermental, and has more limitations than my divorce documentation. :-|
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    Mail settings won't save

    Suggestion: Delete the mail account from the device and recreate the account on the device itself, rather than via iTunes. Make sure all is working to your requirements and THEN set it up to sync via iTunes. Worked for me, but YMMV. Lee
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    Official Lexus Bluetooth and iPhone Compatibility Discussion

    I do also... i also notice that the sound quality is very poor, muffled and can be effected by the volume controls on the iPhone itself. Lee
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    are there any cases with a lanyard? L
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    Recessed headphone jack was absolutely necessary

    I agree with this, but there's another reason. Remember that "jacks" are a PCB mounted component and is often the first thing to break on devices of this type. The PC Board (PCB) stress of connecting, removing devices and using the peripheral (in a pocket or backpack, etc.) can often break the...
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    Any new news on adding iPhone to business accounts?

    Anyone know if/how they can add a WiFi feature to their iPhone account? I am struggling and the stores don't even know. I want to be able to use ATT hotspots when I'm mobile, where they are available. The site seems to show a $19.99 option, but no one know how to order... any ideas? Lee
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    IPOD Mode and bitrate

    So being as I don't want to conert my files in the library on my server and only those that are on the iPhone itself, how do I accomplish this?
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    IPOD Mode and bitrate

    Anyone know if iTunes does an automatic conversion to lower bitrates to save space? I use 320kbps at home as my home stereo and house systems need the better/higher bitrates, however, it's obviously a tremendous waste of space on the limited storage iPhone. Does iTunes convert and/or is there...
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    Email Issues: WiFi to Edge and back...

    So... my mail server is hosted locally on the LAN as "server2" and on the Internet as "". It's just a regular IMAP server. I really need to resolve this - everything works on Edge from the public internet. However, when I return to the office via WiFi nothing works! I can...
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    USB Charging Question

    Let me be more clear, the phone is plugged into a USB hub that is powered and remains on all the time. I cannot understand why the iPhone doesn't get power when in this configuration with the PC off. Thoughts? Lee
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    Email Issues: WiFi to Edge and back...

    Yes - but I had heard there is something that can be done within the network or router to help resolve this issue as it is an issue that exists on many devices, not just the iPhone, when they roam between WiFi networks and their home network. Lee
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    Email Issues: WiFi to Edge and back...

    Okay, So - I am trying to check my email on my servers at work and everything works perfectly when I use EDGE, however, when the phone connects to WiFi while at the office, I get an error: "Cannot find server, make sure the domain name is correct." Is there something that I can do to allow...