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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    so has anything happened yet? any news or anything?
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    ya when will they be for sale i want one
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    Moda Vibe duo: is it me?

    thanks for sharing that ya i think ill just wait for them next month
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    New iPod Design

    that owuld be cool
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    Can't "Slide" ANYTHING!

    It happened to me, but i could pretend to slide even though it didn't move then just pushed the menu button and it went to the menu but then i just rest it thanks for that
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    iBuds anyone?

    ok thanks for the info ya i think ill just gem them through v-moda then becuse they also have more colors
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    iBuds anyone?

    wait hold up you can just go to this to get it for free shipping and 2 bucks cheaper:smile: oh sorry theres only plain black but if you were wanting to get it id do it through Apple
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    iBuds anyone?

    id go with the v-modas