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    Post a funny video (I will start way a rabbit)

    Edit: Apologies the original video obviously not everyone's cup of tea and apologise if it offended anyone, will add a different video later , still anyone got any videos ? Hopefully better than my taste [MEDIA[/MEDIA] Your turn to post a funny video! See if we can get a chain of funny...
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    IOS 8.3 Tweaks

    I am stuck on ios 8.3 until the 9.3 jailbreak is out. I am looking for the best tweaks for a iphone six plus on 8.3. Any of you want to tell me what your using that works for 8.3? thanks
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    Should I jailbreak my 6s+ Or get a android

    You have to ask yourself the following questions: 1. as @Europa mentioned, what APP market would suit you the most in regards to apps (Apple Appstore or android app market) 2: if you decide to go with the iPhone and jailbreak it, are you willing to hold back on the latest updates (IOS) and...
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    Any idea when would the next Jailbreak be out ?

    Can't come quick enough for me, I'm stuck on 8.3! Hope we are not at the end of the jailbreak era! Some say there is no need for it, i disagree. Some much potential. Apple should give up the ghost and allow people to give the option to use there phones the way they want.
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    Jailbreak iOS 9.2?

    Is there a jailbreak for iOS 9.2? Seen a link on YouTube Not sure if it's legit so don't click until someone can confirm it ?im stuck on iOS 8 otherwise until ! ***EDIT*** Sorry i meant 9.1.
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    iPhone 6s Apple Upgrade System

    I watched the last of the Keynote.. I caught the part about the iphone upgrade system they will be offering (I know only in the US, so I understand it will be about two years here in the UK sadly !) but I have a few questions. How does it work? What is the price? Will you use this service? Do...
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    iOS 8 has been released

    I have IOS 8 GM installed and in UK still no option to upgrade OTA ?
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    iPhone 6 Keynote Discussion Thread

    Easy... iPhone 6 +... do you really need more than 64GB? Upload the rest to the iCloud or an external HDD. Edit: maybe not the iCloud with its track record since last week ;) is good, 50GB for free then pay for anything more.
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    iPhone 6 Keynote Discussion Thread

    Ah many thanks, I take it the price is for pay as you go? $399 = £247 Give or take so that is amazing for the price compared to what the have been previously £500+.. wonder if its because they have the iwatch out as well.
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    iPhone 6 Keynote Discussion Thread

    Never managed to watch that complete joke of a live stream keynote. If someone could do me the massive favour and round things up nicely for me it would be much appreciated, here are the questions on the iPhone 6 plus. Did they say what the screen was made of, is it the very strong one...
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    Great adverts Post them here !

    Scotland wants to become independent, the vote to make this big decision is on the 18th of september. I was watching Sky News and arguably one of the best adverts i have ever seen is about this came on. So does anyone else have any great adverts they want to share ? Also any other Scots on...
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    How do I set up receiving calls from iPhone, through Yosemite?

    I currently have my Mac on yosmite 10.10 (latest update) and iPhone 5 IOS 8 Beta . However I can't seem to find out how to revive calls and SMS texts won't sent through iMessage. Any help. thanks !
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    Apps not working well on iOS 8 beta 5

    Facebook just came up with an updated... Do not update if on beta 5 It's constantly crashed Facebook !!!
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    iOS 8 beta 4, what's new?

    How do you get widgets on IOS8 beta 5 on the notification center ? Also is it possiBle to get your normal texts on ipad ?
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    Tethering plans in the US

    So they also don't offer unlimited teathering? And is you bill spit into different sections ? Because if your paying $45 for the data that's shocking. Three when they offered unlimted teathering with unlimited data You also got 5000 minutes and 3000 texts and for all this was £40 pound and and...
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    Tethering plans in the US

    Mods please feel free to move (not sure where is should've put) How are phone plans in the US that that include teathering ? As in the UK, most mobile networks have always put caps on teathering of even not allowed it at all. Apart from one, this offered the following: . unlimited...
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    @chris mentioned about it on the everything icafe blog at the time they where giving 50GB free, used it ever since and like you day the notes feature is very nice and the previewing documents aswell!
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    Is Gevey Sim draining my battery? I think so.

    Buy one of the battery cases
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    Box is far better than drop box.