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  1. NickT916

    How to check my AppleCare status?

    i bought an iPhone with AppleCare sealed, is there a way to check how long ago this Apple care was bought and if it can still be activated or when would be the last day to activate it?
  2. NickT916

    Apple to stop selling iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB and replace it with 8GB?

    This one i don't understand, why will Apple stop making the 16gb and the 32gb and replace it with a 8gb, they still sell very good! I tried to search this on and only saw they will have the 8GB available and i talked to Apple and they said its true that they will only be selling the...
  3. NickT916

    iPhone 4S iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS unlocked prices?

    I cant find all of the prices on for the unlocked iPhones, i was only able to find the prices bellow, was wondering if anyone knows what the prices will be for the ip4S unlocked and the other unlocked ones. Unlocked prices iPhone 4S 16GB - $649 iPhone 4S 32GB - $749 iPhone 4S 64GB -...
  4. NickT916

    MacBook Pro new MacBook Pro model in late 2011?

    there was a lot of rumor going on about Apple possibly having a lightly updated pro at the end of Sept. no new updates have surfaced for a couple weeks now, wondering if its not going to happen at all, or is it just slightly quiet before its announced, any thoughts or any new updates recently...
  5. NickT916

    Stainless steel iPhone 4 back plates to install over factory back.

    I have been trying to find some plates that go over the OEM back cover. They simply stick on with double sided adhesive tape. I tried to search and can only find replacement back covers. As we all know Apple voids the warranty if you replace your back cover. There is a few plates that i have...
  6. NickT916

    Even the newest iPhones say 2010 on the back of the motherboards

    I was hoping the more newer iPhones i deal with, repair, or take apart for other reasons, the more upgrades i see, but still see 2010 on the back of the motherboards and no changes at all. Even the new Factory Unlocked iPhones from Apple say 2010, as if they have not made any new 2011 iPhone 4's...
  7. NickT916

    I wonder if the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will be glass back?

    there is rumors on different designs, but would they still have a similar metal frame around or nobody really knows? would the back be upgraded to aluminum maybe? (since glass back were more expensive to make, they might go cheaper, but more durable) ?
  8. NickT916

    Did they not announce a new iPhone because iPhone 4 is doing so well or issues?

    Since Apple is all about upgrade upgrade, sell sell, im wondering maybe they did not announce a new iPhone of any sort because iPhone 4 is doing so well or could it be because they are having some possible issues with a new design that they might reveal? i was really hoping to get something...
  9. NickT916

    iPhone = luxury, others = wannabes

    My opinion is this, i think iPhone 4 is like a luxery vehicle, or a rare sports car, metal trim here, glass here and there, etc... and then there are the catch up guys, who are like Hyundai's or saturns or ford and chevy. plastic here, shiny plastic there. Im not bagging on these other brands...
  10. NickT916

    Where exactly is the antenna inside the iPhone 4?

    i bought some of these antenna boosters, that are probably worthless, but i have a spot that sucks at getting reception, and i was going to try these things out and see if it improves the area at all or will be a waste of time...
  11. NickT916

    The new iPhone will be 4S just like 3G and 3GS was

    Supposedly next upgrade will be a 4S not iPhone 5 ... Good because iPhone 4s will still be valuable, bad because 4S will be behind with the competing smart phones
  12. NickT916

    New redesigned black iPhone 4, or just the white one got redesigned?

    I'm not sure if they ever redesigned the iPhone 4 at all to improve the signal issue, but from things I read, the white iPhone4 was slightly redesigned to improve the antenna issues. Is there a way to tell after what model or serial code that they improved the black iPhone? If they even did..
  13. NickT916

    How to Restore Jailbroken iPhone 4?

    A few times i have been wanting to go back to not being jailbroken, and in the past, older iPhones you could easily, but i remember i had a jailbroken iPhone 4 and i went to restore it and it pretty much got stuck and i had to sell it stuck. now im jailbroken again, but im having an issue with...
  14. NickT916

    MacBook Air Are MacBooks stainless steel or aluminum or painted silver?

    im not sure how to tell what its made of, if it was aluminum wouldn't it dent up very easy? could it be stainless steel? and is it bare or painted silver? do you guys know?
  15. NickT916

    Are the iPads stainless steel or aluminum or painted silver?

    im not sure how to tell what the back is made out of what, if it was aluminum wouldn't it dent up very easy? could it be stainless steel? and is it bare or painted silver? do you guys know?
  16. NickT916

    Factory unlocked iPhone?

    I went on eBay and saw few people selling Lot of 10 or lot of 20 Factory Unlocked iPhone 4s ... Where do all these folks get factory unlocked versions? I know Apple and ATT doesn't sell factory unlocked, unless you somehow confess ATT to give you code? But these are sealed and unlocked... Does...
  17. NickT916

    How do you know if iPhone 4 is unlocked?

    Let's say you are buying an iPhone from someone who says it's unlocked, but you font have different carrier sim to test it, how can you check to be sure that it's unlocked and not get ripped off. Also, I noticed a lot of ebayers selling "factory unlocked" sealed iP4s, how are you to know for a...
  18. NickT916

    Can iPhone be used as a Go Phone?

    im just wondering if an iPhone can be used as a go phone or a prepaid phone? don't you get a sim card or what other cheap options are there to use an iPhone and not pay $80 a month for txt and internet? i hardly use the voice minutes, mostly txt and use internet about 50% of the time, i want to...
  19. NickT916

    Knowing good from bad iPhones by serial numbers?

    I wonder if there is a way to know when they will start making new iPhone 4s with fixed or relocated antenna issue and if there is a way for us to know at what serial number they started the fix so we can all be sure we are gerring the new i4s
  20. NickT916

    Im getting the run around with the "early upgrade" some say 6 months some 18 month

    last year June 09 i upgraded 2 lines to 3GS. I went to and it told me 1 line was available for early upgrade for $399, the second line isn't available for early upgrade till 2011, but right now i can buy for $599 full retail. They confirmed that last time i upgraded was in june 09. at...