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  1. Bakerman

    Kensington Liquid Aux

    Has anyone tried this solution to charging/connecting in the car with the 3G yet?
  2. Bakerman

    The White One

    I got a White iPhone, and I really like the appearance, as my last one (and all of them before) were basically black. I have been looking at the styling closely (Apple products are always fun to study, aren't they?), and wondering why they did not make the front white also. It would look...
  3. Bakerman

    Static with Apple headset

    I purchased my iPhone on iDay, and ordered my Apple bluetooth headset as soon as they were available. The headset had worked well, but it does not any longer. It now has lasrge amounts of static, to the point that it is no longer useable. I tried unparing and repairing, restarting the...
  4. Bakerman

    Merging Calls

    I just had a chance to use the merge calls function on the iPhone. I must say that it was impressive how easy it was to do. The menus are simple and clear and the function works as it should. Color me pleased! Have you used it? What was the result?