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    Get the iPhone 3GS for $75 cheaper

    I was thinking and if i were to cancel my att contract for $125 then buy the iPhone 3gs for $300 wouldn't it be cheaper? 125+300=$425 500-425=$75 thereforee i would be saving $75 right? correct me if im wrong.
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    help I can't find Cydia

    hello I jail broke and used poof to hide cydia and installer and then I restored to original firmware and now I re jailbroke today and cydia and installer are gone what should I do
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    help my iPhone 3G 2.2 is stuck in recovery

    hello i have a jailbroken iPhone 3g 2.2 and the other day i was messing around in ziPhone and i accedently clicked on recovery mode and now my iPhone shows the picture of connect to iTunes and i was wondering if i recover it will it brick it because im updating from a jailbraken firmware/
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    i bricked my iPhone 3G

    i have an iPhone 3g that is jailbroken and i wanted to unjailbreak it so i updated to 2.0.2 and now when i turn it on it shows the pineApple for a few seconds and a picture of steve jobs pops up with a word bubble coming out of his mouth with forin letters in it and i think i have fully bricked...
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    Website for free iPhone ringtones already formatted

    if you go to and search for a ringtone and click on download for iPhone then all you have to do is drag and drop it into iTunes and sync.
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    iredhanded sign up for the beta never have your iPhone stolen. great app coming to iPhone sign up for the betaComing soon Track a lost or stolen iPhone or iPod touch's location Lost under the couch? Alarm noises will help you recover it, even if switched to 'silent' Backup all your important data and settings, automatically...
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    I call free WiFi calling on iPhone beta

    cheeck this out iCall for the iPhone beta iCall for the iPhone? It's already working and is coming soon to your iPhone. We think you'll find it as revolutionary as we do. Make and receive calls over WiFi Transfer inbound calls from a regular cell call to WiFi...
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    attach a piece of scotch tape to your SIM card

    Everybody who has bought an iPhone 3g must try this. attach a pice of scotch tape to the back of your iPhones sim card(the side with no metal contacts) believe me i did this and i was getting originaly like 1 bar or no 3g in my house but after i did this i had 3-5 yes i have had 5 and it is so...