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    Activation FINALLY complete!

    After waiting in line for 8 hours. getting my phone at 6, and waiting MUCH longer after that for this stupid activation email.. My phone is finally working! I finally got my email when i woke up telling me a had a couple of options.. then when i opened my iTunes, they suggesting doing it all...
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    waiting for activation anyone?

    my brother and i both had verizon. my brother and i both bought iPhones right after each other. my brother activated and synced on a PC. I am still attempting to activate on a MAC. I am still waiting for my "email". My brother has service and everything, his old number, the works. I got an email...
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    The Weather

    looks like it'll be a bit rainy here tomorrow (Northern Va). How are things gonna be near everyone? How many of you are gonna be inside air-conditioned malls? Also those in some places in TX and OK, the iPhone is probably the last thing one their minds.
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    Keeping number

    I'm very sorry if someone has asked this already.. but watching that video, i wonder something. I am switching from Verizion to ATT for the iPhone and i was planning on bringing my phone number with me.. activation through iTunes doesn't really have that option.. right? I'm also thinking, what...
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    Anyone in the NOVA(NorthernVa) area? Tyson's has an Apple store , but I'll be switching from Verizon to AT&T for this launch, so I might be more comfortable at a AT&T/Cingular store.