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    My experience with Voice Control

    grrr for me its been dog**** no matter what i say it don't do the right thing it might sometimes work like if i ring some1 but most of the time its bad for me and i have a clean voice ( ;) but 80% of the time no joy
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    Can't see many in UK getting 3GS

    just wait and see when the phone is released and they don't sell any they will quickly rethink this madness plan and Apple will be hassling them becos this will hold back Apple from taking a bigger slice on the smartphone market ect + the money so just wait and see when the pressure mounts up
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    i have my iPhone 3G UK <--- they had no 16gb in stock at all so had to get 8gb and no white ones bit disappointed but o well got the black 8gb they had 3 in stock i was first in que got there 5mins before opening 9 people turned up ;) and had to wait about 2hrs for it to be ready there servers...
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    Wet iPhone

    looks like my broken for good, its going to sum company who will give me 70 quid for it i assume there legit
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    Wet iPhone

    2late as it has been to the Apple guys
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    If I get new iPhone 3G can I still use my old one as a "spare" if battery dies etc.?

    its just a paperclip no logo i have seen it =[ silver thats it
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    Wet iPhone

    wat 2 do Rright I will start again: [1] my iPhone got wet and was returned to Apple <--- uK [2] it was returned and was decided it was not covered on the phone warranty because of water damage, but my insurance covers phone damage. [3] The phone was sent back a week later, and an insurance...
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    Wet iPhone

    right my phone got wet and was sent away for repair its broke they say void on warranty so my insurance covered it i will get a new phone on monday anyway everything works on it accept the power button, is there a way to fix it? or anything like that you know of. anyway the phone turns on when...
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    Do you think we'll have an influx of iPhone users with UK release?

    got my phone XD activating now i hope
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    iPhone release in UK - anyone from uk in here?

    when i contacted 02/carphone warehouse which is the company where i got my 1st phone they said as i have been a customer for many years they would cut the phone price down but £150 so about £110 for the phone which sounds great to me plus throw in few added accessories hell i have wanted this...
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    iPhone release in UK - anyone from uk in here?

    im from UK Cornwall :) i have ever intention in buying the phone and as i am all ready a 02 customer tis all good for me :)