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    Movies, TV Shows On The iPad

    I have a bunch of .avi files on my computer that I would like to put on my iPad... I'm assuming that the iPad doesn't support this format and I will have to convert them. does anyone have any suggestions to which format and what free program to use to achieve this? Thank you very much :ok:ok
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    3.1 Questions

    I have just a couple of questions about the upgrade to 3.1. i'm at all costs trying to avoid updating because i just spent days getting my iPhone just right lol... so here are my questions 1) the popular belief seems to be that when MMS rolls out... we would not have to upgrade to 3.1 and just...
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    Orb on iPhone not connecting

    is anyone else having the problem? started this morning, and it keeps timing out trying to connect to orb!
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    Slingplayer makes debut on iPhone right after i finished purchasing orb, a tuner, and all that good stuff, this comes out. figures lol
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    Limit for amount of space apps take up in iPhone?

    i am at 300 mb's of apps in my iPhone. i've been reading that the iPhone has a limit of 500 mb's for how much space your apps can take. is there any truth to this?
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    When jailbreaking an iPhone

    ok, so i got my iPhone about a week ago and successfuly jailbroke it (yay!). my question is, one a new iPhone firmware comes out does that mean i have to start from scratch? rejailbreak my phone, and reinstall all my cydia apps, themes etc? and if so... is there any way of backing all of it up?
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    New To The Jailbreak Scene...

    Hi guys, i just got my first iPhone 3g (yayssss!) former and brief owner of the blackberry storm. i was just wondering if anyone could help me understand the jailebreak scene and give me a quick tutorial (what is cydia? how do i customize themes?) or link me to a page that does so because i...