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    iPhone 4 Bluetooth problem with 2009 BMW

    Picked up my iPhone 4 today and immediately paired it with my 2009 BMW with iDrive. The connection to the car drops avery few minutes. Sometimes it comes back by itself and other times I need to turn BT off and back on again. Then it will drop again. I had -0- problems with my iPhone 3G or 3GS...
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    SIM Card swap to a RAZR phone, need help please

    I picked up a RAZR 3G phone as a second device, for when I don't want to carry the iPhone. It worked as a phone as soon as I put the SIM card in, so that's great. I can't get any data through it though. I walked into an AT&T store and the clerk (who could not explain the difference between a V1...
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    Ported number from BOTH work!

    I sent my son my V1 iPhone and he took it to an AT&T store today to activate. (He does not have a computer) He needed to port his Sprint number over and start a new AT&T account. He did this all about three hours ago and all seemed to go well. He called me and said everything was working, but...
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    Is the iPhone SIM card able to work in other devices?

    Can I move my iPhone 3G SIM card into a "beater" phone when I don't want to risk my iPhone getting damaged?
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    $18.00 One Time Upgrade

    I just got my first bill after upgrading from a v1 iPhone to a 3G. There is a "one time upgrade fee" for $18.00 on my bill. I don't remember the Apple employee telling me about that charge, but he may have. Is everyone else getting and paying this? Thanks,
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    Black or White ? What did you get and why.

    I was set on a black 3G, but after seeing some photo's of them, the fingerprints are really showing up. Now I'm thinking white will stay cleaner looking. Any thoughts or photo's to share? Thanks,
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    SMS can I get them?

    I want to have some sports scores sent to me by SMS and can't seem to make that work. I want game starts, scores etc. I used to use Mobile MSN and Yahoo for alerts but nothing seems to work any more. Anybody doing this any more? Thanks
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    Voice mail problem / question

    So I've had my iPhone for a couple of weeks now and for the most part, everything is great. I was in my car and needed to check voice mail, so rather than using the voice mail on the phone, I called my own phone number. Holy CRAP! I had dozens of "old" messages. Everything that I had listened...
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    Who else has reservations?

    I have until Saturday to finish my evaluation period with the iPhone. I definitely have some concerns. I was wondering who else might share similar concerns. The concerns: 1. The call quality is not as good as my Sprint phone. 2. Bluetooth calls from my BMW are particularly spotty. 3. Not...