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    How do I find a recent backup sync in iTunes?

    somehow lost all my phone #s in my address book on my computer when i sent it via bluetooth to another phone. Sold my 3g, now have the 3gs, but no phone #s.. how do i locate that list of backups i see sometimes?! please help..
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    Have you seen this yet? Looks amazing!
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    Really nice find.. List of new features for OS 3.0 The List: Features in Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 By Thomas Estilow - Published March 17th 2009 - 21:06 in Apple • firmware 3.0 • iPhone OS 3.0 • iPhone Software • iPhone Updates • News • upgrade Apple held their widely anticipated iPhone OS...
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    for every one with dropped calls.. or "terrible" service

    March 25 The importance of power-cycling Hey folks. If I may, I'd like to take a second here to make an important public service announcement that I hope all wireless phone users will keep in mind: Regularly power-cycle your phone. I recommend once or twice a day, minimum. Take your...
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    Cant get a lock in maps.. GPS no workee?

    like the title says.. inside, outside, no little blue dot. and when i finally do get a lock, it just stays in the middle of the screen while im driving. Any ideas? Think im gonna make a appt with a genius. 3g is on, location services on. did a restore, and 3 hard resets.
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    something odd with SMS preview...

    I just noticed this.. and do not recall this ever happening. My iPhone is set with a passcode lock,and sms preview off... so when it is asleep, and i get an sms it just displays "text message" with the senders name. However, if the device is awake, idle and the screen not locked, any sms that i...
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    Light leaks

    Just picked up another iPhone 3g, and noticed on the left side of the screen, there are spots where light is coming through. Is this a big deal? Should I swap it out? Any advice?
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    Is engraving advisable/possible on plastic back?

    Im finding it impossible to function without my iPhone.. I will be purchasing a new one this week. In an effort to prevent me from ever selling it again, i want to lightly engrave the plastic back to make resale value nill. Is this possible? is it advisable with all the stories of cracks...
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    An ode to iPhone...

    Due to financial difficulties,I recently had to part ways with my iPhone 3g, and take the internet plan off our accnt. I have been using a very nice nokia 6650, which is a great phone, but it ends there. I have been an iPhone user since the original release, and upgraded to the 3g. I feel so cut...
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    Need advice from members

    This is a personal issue, and wish to ask for advice from forum members. My wife has been out of work for a while, and our phone bill has been rather expensive with the iPhone data plan and the unlimited messaging. As we have fallen behind on our bills, the thought of selling my 3g iPhone did...
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    Something cool with GPS...

    So when i picked up the 3g iPhone, the first thing i played with was the location services.. my device was located, the blue sphere was present and moving along as i drove my car. However, when it got to the edge of the screen, it kept goin, and the map stayed stationary! I thought it was sorta...
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    Syncing iPhone 3G with a USB 1.1

    So my computer is a few years old, and im wondering if i will be able to sync the iPhone 3g which has a usb 2.0, to my computer which has a usb 1.1. I cant remember if v1 had usb 2.0....
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    3G went live in patchogue, NY!

    not sure if this is the proper place to post.. turned on my nokia this morning and it read 3g! very excited for the iPhone! maps hasn't updated for those of you that think you may not have a signal.. you may be surprised on the 11th, as the network is being rolled out as we speak!
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    30 days and the iPhone

    Been a long while since ive posted.. Im coming back to AT&T today, really bored with the sidekick slide.. and want to know if im within my 30 day trial period, will i be able to return the phone I get today for the iPhone 3g When it is released on the 11th? Thank you in advance!
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    new iPhone USB 2.0 old flat panel USB 1.1

    Does this mean i need to purchase a new computer?!?!
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    Held on as long as i could...

    Been an iPhone owner since iday, and just recently sold it and changed carriers. after almost one full year of trying to use this device in a "moderate" coverage area, suffering from failed and dropped calls, horrible connections, i realized the truth. this just wasn't for me. of course the day...
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    nice read in Fortune...

    Macworld 2008: How can Steve Jobs top the iPhone? The Macworld Conference & Expo, Silicon Valley’s largest technology trade show, opens Monday. But the moment everyone is waiting for comes Tuesday morning, when Steve Jobs makes his annual keynote address at San Francisco’s Moscone Center...
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    Charge and sync without removing cases!

    :2cool::2cool:This is for all members who have to struggle every day with removing their iPhone case,dealing with stretching and the sort, just so it can fit in the dock... No longer! Simply unplug the cable from the back of the dock.. and plug it directly into your iPhone! charges and syncs...
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    So the credit is for 8 gb purchases only?

    Anyone can clarify? i bought a 4 gb on iday.. will i be getting the credit as well?
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    AT&T stores still don't know?

    Hi all.. first post. been lurking since jan.. just got off the phone with a local corp store.. they still are telling me that i must be eligible for an upgrade to get the discounted rate, and that full price has yet to be released. even though all the info on the net says otherwise... kinda...