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    1.1.4 iPod Touch Installer!

    how can i get installer on an jailbroken 1.1.4 ipod touch? i already jailbreaked it and installed Cydia with iLiberty+ but i did not like cydia at all....and i need to get installer on can i do it? im familiar with Winscp but can someone tell me the process?
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    How do I "Access" my 1.1.1 iPhone?

    I finally updated to 1.1.1, now im trying to put ROMS and RINGTONES on my iPhone, how can I access my iPhone's Directories on my PC? (kinda like what iBricker did) what programs do i need and how do i do this process? Thanks!:2cool:
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    Quick Question for the "Customize" App!...

    I currently have firmware 1.0.2 on a locked iPhone and running version 2.63 of installer. i got an update for the customize app to 1.13 (currently running 1.09) i am wondering if its safe to upgrade? And would it run fine on firmware 1.0.2? I also believe u gotta uninstall rSBT to upgrade to...
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    JAILBREAK your 1.1.1 iPhone HERE!

    In Safari, go to this web address it will jail break your iPhone! Thanks to the Dev Team and Niacin!
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    Quick N Easy Question...

    My iPhone is showing a light yellowish light from the whole left side of my screen, i want to go exchange it for a new one...Possible? i bought it the day it came out...
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    Anyone seeing this glitch/problem?

    I modded my iPhone earlier today and now I just recently noticed that there is this YELLOWISH light comin from the right of my screen! Any one know the cause of this!?
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    Made Modifications using the Springboard! U like?

    Check it out....its Nice that there is an option where u can skip the fourth line! u can put text or a pic of a car without having to cover it with your icons..i like it! EDiT-I meant Summerboard instead of Springboard...lolz...
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    What is it? Where Can I Get It? How To Install it? Works With Windows? lol...lots of Questions....but i was wonderin what
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    Help Installing....Installer.APP

    i downloaded the file but how do i install it on my phone? i got everything need to mod my iPhone, i use Manzana.
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    Quick Question..

    So im about to change my carrier logo using Manzana (Windows). How Could I get back the AT&T logo back if i want to change it to default logo? do i gotta restore it? or how can i get the icon back?
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    Is It OK To Leave BlueTooth On?

    Is it? i hate turning it on n off everytime i take a cruise in my ride....
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    Question About The Display When Someone Calls You

    As Seen on the Apple commercials....i seen at the end when someone calls u have their picture on the upper right corner in a box...and the wallpaper of the world in the do u get it like that?...On my iPhone...when someone calls me the whole screen becomes their do...
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    What does TTY mean?

    Under Settings>Phone>TTY what does it mean and what does it do?
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    No RINGTONE Dir?

    Im loged in using Manzana...and i cant find the RINGTONES DIR its supposed to be under this path right? /var/root/Library/ Do i have to create the Ringtones Folder myself then just add the .mp3 files into it?
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    Where Can I Get Some custom .png files to replace the YouTube.png weather.png etc...

    Where Can I Get Em? I seen some Really Good ones from other peoples post? where can i get the .png files?
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    Ok...Im Back To The Forum N Everyone iS Modding Their Phone...I Want To Do It Too!

    Ok so what are the programs/apps necessary to add custom ringtones and add color and diffrent types of pictures and a tutorial on how to do this. Yes, i read some topics, like the sticky on top of the page but seems to complicated and it looks like people found an easier way (drag N Drop) so can...
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    If I Reset the iPhone, Do I Lose Data?

    My iPhone doesn't charge via the wall outlet, as i read in another post, the only thing u can do is to reset your iPhone.....and if u do this all your settings videos music....etc...will be deleted right?
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    Have You Dropped Your iPhone?

    anyone?....since i bought mine (when it came out) I haven't dropped it once!......:laugh2:
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    Problem transferring my camera roll pictures to PC

    How do I transfer them? I go to My Computer and it doesn't detect the iPhone. Everything else works fine, but I can't figure out how to transfer the pics I took from the iPhone to my PC. Anyone know?