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  1. todd1010

    How to check my iPhone Apple credit, online or phone #?

    I would like to know if there's a place I can check the balance of the Apple credit I have?
  2. todd1010

    What are my options for a phone with neg. black issue?

    I've never really noticed until it was pointed out that this was not supposed to be like this. I just thought it was the way the phone was. I've had my 4gb iPhone since about a week after it intially came out. The phone has never been hacked or anything and it's running the latest 1.1.1...
  3. todd1010

    Has NE1 successfully got Hotmail forwarded to Gmail?

    I've tried logging into my gmail and tried setting up the fetching of email from my hotmail account but that has been unsuccessful. Has any got any step by step instructions that have worked for them?
  4. todd1010

    Help with my iTunes library that's located on a external USB HD.

    I keep all of my 113gb of music in mp3 format on a external USB hard drive that I carry with me for use on my laptop when I travel. Well every now and then I forget to plug in the USB hard drive and I'll start iTunes. Or I want into the iTunes store to listen for new tunes without connecting...
  5. todd1010

    Converting downloaded iTunes music so I can actually transfer it to another disc?

    Converting downloaded iTunes music so I can actually transfer it to another hard disk I wanting to know how to take some iTunes music I just downloaded and put it on another hard drive. I don't think I can just copy and paste it because of some music rights or something. I basically just...
  6. todd1010

    Belkin iPhone adaptor?

    Someone at the Apple store today told me about an adaptor the would allow me to use any earphones with the iPhone. Since Apple decided the recess the jack a little most earphones won't work out of the box. Does anyone know where to gets this? They were completely sold out at the Apple store...
  7. todd1010

    When sliding to unlock the phone, mine randomly goes to different applications?

    I've noticed this quite often when I unlock my phone. At first I thought it was me possibly touching an application after I use the slider. But if you notice when you slide the unlock button there is second or so before the home page shows up and my finger is completely away from the screen...
  8. todd1010

    iTunes album art is only showing up on one song?

    When looking at my entire collection some album art is not showing up for the entire album. The ones that are doing this will only show up on maybe the first song on the album. I've went through and copy & pasted the album art with the album after selecting all of the songs but it doesn't over...
  9. todd1010

    Getting bigger album art work?

    I've been going to CDNOW.COM for my album art. And when I click on the larger image link. I drag and drop it into iTunes. Some of those album art is smaller than others. I prefer the bigger albums that take up the entire area as they are easier to see. Where can I get "ALL" of them bigger...
  10. todd1010

    Cannot connect online with Safari?

    I'm helping a buddy so bare with me. He's been trying to connect without using WIFI. So when WIFI is turned off he gets a message saying: "Edge data connection not available. You don't have an Edge subscription". He's called ATT and they've verified that he's got the data plan. So what do...
  11. todd1010

    iTunes album art?

    I've got most of my album art already located in the mp3's I have. But when in iTunes the art won't show up. And when I've went to CDNOW.COM and tried to drag and drop iTunes won't accept the art.