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  1. jalalawi

    Power Button and volume

    Wondering what is the link between the power button and the Volume or Ring control as if I click on the power button the volume control appears and it supposed to appear only if I click on the Volume button??!?
  2. jalalawi

    Files (Application)

    I don’t know if I can call the new “Files” Application or not?! Anyhow, just want to understand what does mean the location “On My iPhone”? Does this mean that there is a place on my iPhone to store any file on or the files will be stored on applications that are on my iPhone??!! Currently under...
  3. jalalawi

    Calls Ears' Speaker

    I have difficulties in hearing during the calls and have changed the ears' speaker but still the same issue. Is it a software problem or it is hardware?
  4. jalalawi

    Documents & Data on iPhone

    Wondering what kind of Documents & Data that are occupying huge memory space on iPhone? While backup my iPhone through iTunes, it gives a breakdown of the memory spaces used by different items such as photos, songs, Appliances, etc. and one of these item is "Documents & Data" that is taking...
  5. jalalawi

    Sound locked to Headphone

    All of a sudden the sound locked to the headphone and the speaker is not working if I play video or sound and if I plug the headphone I hear the sound of the played multimedia. I have hard restarted the phone many time but speaker doesn't work. I have tried to make a hand free call and i heard...
  6. jalalawi

    Always Siri having trouble with the connection

    Since update to iOS 10 have noticed that the Siri always having trouble with the connection and asking me to try after some time but if I try again same thing is happening?!!!
  7. jalalawi

    Maps Application

    Wondering if only my Maps application under iOS 10 is not working or if it's because of my location as all the directions are not available. What we heard is that it has been enhanced but it looks to worsened!!!i believe it is better for Apple if the remove and replace it with other third party...
  8. jalalawi

    App Store Downloads

    I am experiencing slowness in downloading applications since yesterday over wifi and cellular network, wondering if anything wrong?!
  9. jalalawi

    Albums Folders Disappeared

    All of a sudden the Albums Folders have been disappeared and I got this message stating that I don't have photos or videos by the time I have more than 6,000 photo and more than 250 videos!!!
  10. jalalawi

    Random Auto Restart of the iPhone

    I am experiencing an auto restart of the phone on random basis!!!
  11. jalalawi

    App Store's Country

    I have bought my first iPhone when my country were not an App Store Country so I have selected the nearest country in the region but later my country became an App Store Country but when I tried to change the country I have noticed that I am not getting the updates for the applications that were...
  12. jalalawi

    Backup and Transfer Purchases through iTunes

    It used to backup the iPhone to my laptop through iTunes and after finishing the backup it used to transfer the purchases/updates one by one and then under the Recycle Bin you will see the deleted old applications files but now it looks that the way has been changed and the purchases/updates...
  13. jalalawi

    Battery icon's colour

    For the first time I saw the battery colour while charging at 30-40% is yellow instead of green!!!! The only colours I know is the red and green and now yellow also!! Is this normal or something wrong with the battery or the iPhone?
  14. jalalawi

    Default Album's Folders

    I had an unknown incident in my iPhone 5 that resulted disappear of all the default album's folders such as (Videos, Recently deleted, Panoramas, etc...) except the "Favourites" folder which also has a defect that used to duplicate its items and when I bought iPhone 6 I backup & restore my...
  15. jalalawi

    E-mail Attachments

    Wondering if we are able to attach files to the e-mails as I can't see any indication that this option is available as under Android it is very easy to attach files to the e-mails.
  16. jalalawi

    iPhone 7 Camera Roll's Folders' Names & Orders

    Wondering why Apple not storing the items under the Camera Roll in simple order and named Folders like sorting them in Folders named by the date of the items such as the month and year rather than storing them randomly in Unknown Folders names!!! It is very easy in case you are copying the...
  17. jalalawi

    Apple Store Updates

    Wondering if there is anything wrong with Apple Store as I didn't get any update since 23/12/15??!
  18. jalalawi

    Receiving Wi-Fi signal

    Don't know what is the reason of weak receiving wi-fi signal in my iPhone 5 from very close distance not more than 2-3 meters?! I experienced weak receiving before compared to my Sony Z2 but not that bad but now very very weak and I have to go to the Router in order to find it then to connect??
  19. jalalawi

    New iPhone 6 setups

    Just setup my new iPhone 6 and have restored my iPhone 5 to it and I had an malfunction in my iPhone 5 that under the Photos Albums the folders or Tabs such as "Video" and "Deleted Items" and the other folder have been disappeared all of a sadden and only "Camera Roll" and "Favourites" remain...
  20. jalalawi

    Switching off Undo Typing Message

    My phone fall down and it one of the defects that happened to it that is bothering me is whenever I type anywhere I am always getting the "Undo Typing" message and didn't find anything under the setting to stop this message!! Any help to solve this?