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    iTunes 7.4.2

    exactly...... With iTunes 7.4, sync your favorite music and more with the new iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod touch, plus create custom ringtones exclusively for iPhone with many of your favorite songs purchased from the iTunes Store. You can now also play purchased videos...
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    Griffin Elan Snap-In Case

    I have one and really liked it until today.....when it broke. The plastic part that fits around the pin, by the O ring just broke and kind of disintegrated. I don't remember bumping it or anything. I just looked down and it was broken....I have no receipt. I took all of the plastic off...
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    What's Your Favorite Ringer?

    Old Phone for me....I can Hear it... and, it sounds like a PHONE !
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    Congeniality.....what the? On my wallpaper screen ?

    Is that a shot ? I will tell you, I have had the iPhone for only 10 days, and rarely use the ipod. So I was a little surprised to see anything different on my Start up screen. I did not manually "pause" the ipod, is just froze or went away...
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    Congeniality.....what the? On my wallpaper screen ?

    DUH ! Ornate Coleman, the shape of jazz to come. but the song was not playing......if I remember, it last dropped or crashed I tunes when that song was playing, now that I went into iTunes and stopped it, I get the day and date again. Me no likey.
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    Congeniality.....what the? On my wallpaper screen ?

    Today I noticed something really funny / stupid. On my startup / sleep / slide to unlock screen it says Congeniality right below the time. Is my phone trying to tell me something?
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    Check and record your iPhone network Speed

    220 on the edge in Mpls MN. I am completely satisfied with the edge speeds I am getting.
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    What's your "WOW!" thing when you show off the iPhone?

    take a picture of someone, and then email the picture to them in about 10 seconds...
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    iPhone case reviews

    Wow that case mate looks really nice. I have the feeling I will end up with at least 2 different cases. For now I have tried 3, kept only 1. See below. I kept the Griffin Elan Nice snug fit for me, It will stay in there just fine for riding bike. Plus it pops out really nice and quick for...
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    Anybody having problems with comcast email?

    the search function is your buddy ! Mine is working now
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    Can't send email from account

    Mine is working now.. Here is what I know, don't take this as gospel because I'm no expert..... Apparently when iPhone imported my comcast mailboxes it did not auto populate the proper OUTGOING mail servers, I had to go in and manually add the host name And add...
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    Can't send email from account

    Is it against the law to quote myself ? Forget everything I said above, today my comcast emails won't send, what a drag.
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    Is there an email address (ie-10digitnumber@AT&

    thanks for that info !
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    Battery not charging all the way

    I have full green now,after one hour on the AC. I bet it does not last long though !
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    Battery not charging all the way

    Well that was quick.... my battery stayed full green for only about 5 minutes. Yes it has the lightning bolt, I will look for the AC icon on the charge indicator. I bet if enough people complain about it Apple will update the software to show full charge, when its actually not. (the cynic in...
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    Battery not charging all the way

    duh...I guess a little patience was needed. My iPhone just went full green ! I decided to try the AC type adapter. The AC adapter pushed it all the way into the green......try it !
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    Battery not charging all the way

    You described mine to a T. Same thing.
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    Can't send email from account

    And now......out of the blue......I am sending email like a bandit ! Works perfectly, after I hit send, I get the swooosh, jet take off. Quite an amazing age, where these situation magically resolve. I did not do ANYTHING different. Kind of scary actually.....:angry:
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    Can't send email from account

    Thanks for all of the input.... After messing with this email for a while I can only refer to it as "intermittent" or "iffy". I had a test email in my comcast outbox that would not send yesterday, when I woke up this morning it was still in my outbox. Then, inexplicably it sent at some point...
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    Anyone get Call Forwarding to work?

    Cool...zvex is in the ihouse. I just forwarded my iPhone to my homephone, and called my iPhone from another cell phone, worked like a charm, forwarded perfect the first time. Followed the instructions above...... :laugh2: