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  1. Adriano73

    My ringtones returned with iOS 8.1.2

    Yay! I finally got my ringtones back!!! All my Star Wars alert tones are too! This will be a day long remembered!
  2. Adriano73

    American Treats!

    Found a section in my local supermarket that has imported American chocolate bars. I got these. Never tasted any of them before. So, my american brethren, which so you recommend? Which one first?
  3. Adriano73

    iMac Good day, my iMac has shipped!

    Ios 7 beta 3 and now this. A good day all round.
  4. Adriano73

    Marimba! Sent using iCafe app
  5. Adriano73

    Newsstand Icon on 5.1

    Can someone confirm that we are not supposed to be able to put newsstand icon in a folder on 5.1? Cos I just managed it, I just don't know how. After many many attempts it just went in. Have tried to replicate it on my wife's phone and can't manage it. My iPhone's Clock App Icon tells...
  6. Adriano73

    Would you swap?

    My friend got a 32gb wi-fi only iPad 3 and now is offering to swap it for my 64gb iPhone 4S. I'm tempted, I still have my 32gb iPhone 3GS. Would you swap?
  7. Adriano73

    Anyone want to share a photo of what their iPhone's wearing?

    This is my current case. Sent from my Jailbroken White 64gb iPhone 4s using iCafe app
  8. Adriano73

    Merge two photo libraries?

    I have two laptops each with about 2000 photos on each of them. When I sync my iPhone with one it seeks to replace the photos on my phone with the photos and albums from the computer, and then of I sync with the other computer it will replace them again with the photos and albums from that...