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    iPhone case reviews

    I changed my mind about my clear belkin case and threw it away. It was scratching up my metallic bezel. No my iPhone is just free-balling it and I like it better this way.
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    list your iPhone issues here....

    Cool I'll have to look into doing that while they are still replacing phones easy for PR reasons. Definitely something isn't right with my battery. At this rate in 3 months I'll be paying that $80 charge to replace it.
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    Quit whining about people complaining you fucking hypocrite. Grow up. These people have a right to air any issue they wish regarding a device they paid $600 for. Don't like it? Don't read the thread. Give my regards to Jobs' nuts.
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    list your iPhone issues here....

    My battery life has gone down the toilet, only letting me get about 3 hours of music and surfing a day. Now i need to charge it once a day. Also, i am getting fucking sick of safari's instability. Damn thing crashes half the time i am surfing the net. Apple needs to get with it and issue a...
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    This is an ongoing bug but is being tracked by Apple by using your usage statistics. They'll fix the instability of safari in a patch.
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    I am very ANGRY and sad

    The battery is Apple's fault, but the scratches are all your own. It's not Apple's fault your dog is a klutz.
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    Great videos - torture tests of iPhones

    No it doesn't. They earned that money, they can do what they want with it. Stay in school and someday $600 won't mean much anymore.
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    I came across a pic of Microsoft's prototype iPhone killer, with tactile feedback (courtesy engadget):
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    Oh, so you are privy to the internal workings of the iPhone now? Hey Steve, this armchair computer engineer is out of work! Yeah, the iPhone is so unnatural that is why it didn't come with instructions. Being naturally intuitive had nothing to do with it, right? You're talking out your ass...
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    Lilo, you do realize that "multitouch" is more than just a touch screen right? It's a highly sensitive touchscreen matched with proprietary software -- the latter of which is the most critical distinction here. The greatest touch screen in the world is nothing without great software to unleash...
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    Ah yes, like how the touchtone phone ignored all previous history of rotary dials. Get with the times. No need to fear, embrace it. You are witnessing the beginning of a sea change in mobile phone design where touch screens will replace physical keyboards in all the newest phones. And please...
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    Provide the quote where I termed the iPhone revolutionary or the first with a touch screen. Oh there isn't one? F- for reading comprehension.
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    You think that tactile feedback has anything to do with the original intention of a button interface? No. It's a side-effect of where technology was at the time and your perception of it being "important" is due to your being conditioned to expect it. People fear change, but change is...
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    "Tactile feedback" is so last century. Critics need to get with the times.

    I've got a message for all those media pundits and whiners complaining about the lack of "tactile feedback" in the iPhone and how physical keyboards are supposedly so superior for typing on mobile phones... You uncoordinated fat-fingered pre-centennial throwbacks need to get with the times and...
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    I'm not impressed with this product. Scratch protection are not what I'm looking for in a case. I'm looking for impact resistance. Skins like that do not protect the phone like a case in a fall since they can't absorb the energy produced.
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    Cleaning the screen

    Considering it's optical grade glass, windex works great.
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    I'm talking about the influx of trolls lately who gnash their teeth in anger at the success of iPhone. Jobs never said the iPhone is the best phone ever made. He said it's the best ipod ever made. There's a very important distinction there.
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    Wow, my iPhone turned on today...

    Wishing for new features for a great phone is one thing, but what we are seeing are waves of trolls who have seen proud iPhone owners in their midst while they themselves are locked with other carriers and/or financially incapable of owning this premium bauble. Toss them some bus fare and send...
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    Ah, the beauty of the iPhone is beginning to instill great feelings of lust and envy in society's peasantry who cannot afford one. Don't feel bad that your attempt at sarcasm only poured salt in their wounds.
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    Well I'm doing well for myself and earned every bit of it.