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    The Travel Time Has Arrived!

    Well the holidays are just about here and everyone is going to be hitting the roads and air this week trying to get home for the holidays. This year I am going to stay local and keep things quite so I can just unwind and enjoy. What are your holiday plans this year?
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    100 Gig?

    Do you feel that we are close yet to Apple coming out with a one hundred gig iPod this year? They are up to 80 now I believe so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch... the problem is keeping the Ipod small enough but the new iPods seem to have come down in size a lot as they have gotten...
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    iPhone Cases

    Does Apple plan to produce official iPhone cases that come in different colors and shapes like they do for the iPhone? If this thing is going to replace my iPod I am going to need an arm band for exercising like I currently have for the ipod... and a nice black case would be preferred.
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    Will the iPhone come down in price?

    Just wondering if the iPhone will follow the cellular phone trend which is to release it in the high $200 price range and then start lowering the price after a few months until it is selling for sub $100 with a contact to a particular service provider?
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    Do You Like Egg Nog?

    Every year I go to Christmas parties and it seems like less and less people are choosing to serve Egg Nog! Whenever I ask they say no one likes it but I find that hard to believe... I always liked this stuff and it just signifies christmas. I can't imagine a Christmas without egg nog What do...
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    Will th Nano Come Down in Price After Christmas?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the iPod Nano is due for a price drop after the holidays? Right now the 4 gig version retails for 249 US and I am hoping we will see a drop to at lest $199 US. Mabe it's wishful thinking but I really want a Nano but also want a deal!
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    Will a Demo Unit be at Macworld?

    I wonder if Apple will have an actual fully functioning demo unti available at the Macworld expo or if they are just going to announce it? My guess is if a demo unit at the show then the release won't be far behind but if none is available, then we are in for a long wait! Just another guessing...
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    Apple to Become an MVNO?

    More rumors but interesting... There is talk that Apple might sign on with a carrier to become their own MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This will mean that Apple will use someone else's network (like Verizon or Cingular's) and brand the service as Apple. This might be a risky move and I...
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    Web Site Taking Bets on Release date

    I read somewhere online that there is a web site called that is taking bets on Apple's release date for the iPhone. They are not giving odds just let you place a bet that iPhone will be either launched befor April 30th or after April 30th. There is a higher payout if you select before...
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    iTunes Freebies

    I notice that the iTunes store is offering a few freebies here and there with a couple of christmas songs available for free download as well as a couple of free short documentaries availble for viewing. I wish they would do more of this to help generate some hype. Free giveaway days for members...
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    RUMOR: 3 New iPods to be Released in 2007

    The rumor mill has it that Apple will be releasing three new versions of the iPod in 2007 with one of them being a "real" video type iPod. I am hoping that these "new" iPods will be something completly new rather than just tweaked versions of the existing stuff like they have been doing a lot of...
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    iPod Nano (Product) Red

    I really like the fact that Apple has gotten involved with Product Red to help raise money this holiday season for the fight against Aids in Africa. They give $10 from everyone of the special ipods purchased to the cause. There are a lot of companies getting in on this and hopefuly they will all...
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    Why does Apple have the domain name pointing to the main Apple web site? Seems like an odd url considering they own the domain! Is this just them protecting all variations of the iPhone.whatever domains or do they have plans for something different for this domain name?
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    Apple has Owned URL Since 2001

    I was reading somewhere that Apple has owned the url since 2001! If this is true have they been planning this product since then or did they just register a whole bunch of sites to cover themselves just in case they wanted to do it. I wonder why they didn't register...
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    Who is Your Mobile Service Provider?

    Just thought I would get a thread going to see who everyone is using as their mobile phone service provider and why they like them or dislike them! My current provider is Nextel but my contract runs out this month and I am going to switch to Verizon because Nextel's coverage is just wat too...
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    iTunes Accepting PayPal

    I just noticed that you can pay for your iTunes with PayPal now! When did they implement this payment method? I love it because I always have cash sitting around in my paypal account and when I spend it, I don't feel like I;m spending real money so I can go crazy and not feel so bad about...
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    Battery Life on New Shuffle?

    What's the real battery life like on the new small shuffle? I know what they say it's supposed to be by looking at the Apple ipod web site but as we know that is always over stated (just like estimated fuel consumption on cars)! Is it decent or not? Cheers!
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    Who is Going to be The Service Provider?

    I was just wondering if iPhones are going to be avaialble from all of the major cell phone carriers like Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon and others or if they will be exclusive to one or a select few carriers? I am currently with Verizon and would get this phone if they had it available but...
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    What's your favorite color iPod nano?

    Just curious to see what the most popular color is on the Ipod Nano? Do you prefer the original white or black or maybe one of the neon colors like green, pink or blue... oh I almost forgot silver too! I wish they would have had the colors last year when I got mine but I only had white or...
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    Time for Christmas Shopping!

    Ok it has begun! The mad rush on stores the day after Thanksgiving, the crowds at the mall, the holiday displays, endless Santa Christmas commercials and mounds of flyers every week in the weekend newspapers! My wallet loves this time of year and my credit cards get quite a workout. Well I'm...