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    Cannot Email Photos from Photo Application

    Hey guys, I'm going to steal and plagiarize "fred777's" post from modmyi and paste it here because they're not answering this mind boggling question. I hope this is goes: So I just updated and rejailbroke my 2g iPhone - this time, I set it up as a new phone. I read somewhere that...
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    EDGE data not working?

    Does anyone have this problem right now? My phone works but I can't send or receive data. WTF? Has anyone had this problem before? BTW, i'm in the san jose, CA bay area. I think EDGE data is down right now =/
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    Alarm's SNOOZE not working!

    Hey guys, I searched but no one seems to have had this problem so far. Every morning, I set my alarm to 6:50 so that I can snooze for 10 min and wake up at 7. The alarm goes off at 6:50 to church bells and I wake up typically and I look at my phone and I touch the "snooze" button. This is my...