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    Usage/Standby meter reading the exact same time

    I haven't been able to find a solution for this through searching, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. My usage and standby battery meter is reading the same time after charges. Something must be running in the background or something because now I need to charge just about everyday and I'm...
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    Phone all jacked up

    After downloading 2.0 I have a bunch of problems. First of all, I can place or receive calls. I notice there's no Edge thing next to the AT&T. Someone on my floor has an iPhone and they are getting full signal. This has happened once before, so I'm not all that concerned. Yet. More...
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    New Samsungcrap, err phone

    Just fooled around with a co-workers new Samsung instinct i think it is. Let me tell you that I was very unimpressed. Felt like a plastic piece of crap. Touch screen wasn't nearly as responsive and i had to punch the screen. No smooth scrolling like the iPhone. Man when Jobs says that it's...
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    Something to think about.

    I was thinking, and I think a realistic upgrade to the 3G iPhone for me will be when I need a battery replacement for the first version. You're looking at $85 to get the battery replaced (unless that's changed) and only $200 for a brand new phone. After 400 or so charges, you'll be at 80%...
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    Sounds not working at all

    I just realized that I've got no sounds on my iPhone aside from the main phone rings. Text message, keyboard clicks, even the ipod through the speaker isn't working. What could be causing this? I've rebooted a number of times and that's not working. Do I have to do a reset on iTunes? I'd...
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    Why is the iPod arrow appearing like a song is playing?

    Anyone seen this on their phone? I'll open a safari window and go to a webpage and I look and the arrow appears next to the battery as if I'm playing a song or video. I close out and it still stays there and I check the ipod and nothing is playing. The only way to get rid of it is to hold the...
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    I think I ruined my battery...

    Well I've been fairly happy with the battery life on the iPhone, but think that I ruined the battery the other day. I normally get 2-3 days of standby time and up to anywhere between 6 and 8 hours usage time. I typically only need to charge every 3 days or so. Well on Sunday the phone...
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    The full iPhone experience (my story).

    I returned last night from a weekend vacation and it was the first chance I had to "stretch the legs" of the iPhone, and let me tell you it was a great experience. I probably for the first time, at one point or another, used every function on the phone. It started in the car when we hooked it...
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    iPhone like/dislike based on previous cell phone, agree?

    I'd like to get some feedback on something I was thinking about. It seems to me that generally, most peoples' like/dislike or satisfication/dissatisfication of the iPhone is based a lot on what cell phone they had previously. My old phone (motorola v551) was terrible. It dropped calls...
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    What exactly is the sound check option in iPod settings?

    All it seems to do is lower the volume and may be the reason why it seems low at times.
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    What is the best for ripping songs?

    The problem I'm noticing is that the songs that I'm ripping from cd's into iTunes are playing really quiet and weak on the iPhone. I have songs that I've downloaded from websites and file shareing and band's myspace and purevolume pages that play really loud and sound really clear when I play...
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    Anyone use their iPhone on a airplane yet?

    How many have used this while flying and how was it? This is one of the main things I'm looking forward to doing with the phone. Can you hear okay and more importantly over the sound of the plane? I've had that problem with many cd players etc. What was the battery life like?
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    iPhone finally works

    Well I've posted on here a dozen times about how my iPhone wasn't being recongnized by iTunes on my PC. Well today i finally figured it out. Back when updating iTunes for 7.3, my firewall was popping up saying that certain Apple programs wanted to connect to the internet. I have it set so...
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    Computer does not see iPhone

    Ok, I've been on here since Friday looking for answers as everyone has probably seen and I'm still stuck. My iPhone will not register in iTunes, and I've had to do synching from other computers and I'm now officially sick of it. I was going take the phone back on Sunday, but I realized that I...
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    iTunes will not recognize my iPhone

    It's been over 24 hours and I have no solution to the fact that my iTunes will not recognize my iPhone. I've spent probably 10 hours out of the last 24 trying to come up with a solution, and I can't figure it out. I activated the phone on someone else's computer and it seems to work on...
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    For people who's computer isn't recognizing the iPhone

    For those of you that are having the same problem as me (if any), let's try to collaborate in this thread to possibly get it resolved. I have Windows XP SP2, on a Dell diminsion E510. I downloaded iTunes the other day, and updated yesterday afternoon to the new 7.3 version. Upon getting the...
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    How do you delete web pages?

    I have 4 web pages open in Safari. How do I delete them all? I don't want any open.
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    What happened when you plugged into USB port?

    Did your computer say anything? I got an "a new device has been recongnized" message, but haven't gotten it since the first time I did this. I still can't get iTunes to read the phone and i'm wondering if it's the USB port now.
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    Has anyone made a call yet or anything yet?

    While I reinstall iTunes and try to solve my problem, has anyone made a call or anything yet. What is the quality?
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    Well got iPhone and nothing happening.

    Well, just got my iPhone and plugged it in and nothing. It's not reading the phone in iTunes. I wonder what the hell is the problem.