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    The Travel Time Has Arrived!

    Well the holidays are just about here and everyone is going to be hitting the roads and air this week trying to get home for the holidays. This year I am going to stay local and keep things quite so I can just unwind and enjoy. What are your holiday plans this year?
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    100 Gig?

    Do you feel that we are close yet to Apple coming out with a one hundred gig iPod this year? They are up to 80 now I believe so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch... the problem is keeping the Ipod small enough but the new iPods seem to have come down in size a lot as they have gotten...
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    iPhone Cases

    Does Apple plan to produce official iPhone cases that come in different colors and shapes like they do for the iPhone? If this thing is going to replace my iPod I am going to need an arm band for exercising like I currently have for the ipod... and a nice black case would be preferred.
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    Will the iPhone come down in price?

    Just wondering if the iPhone will follow the cellular phone trend which is to release it in the high $200 price range and then start lowering the price after a few months until it is selling for sub $100 with a contact to a particular service provider?
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    Do You Like Egg Nog?

    Every year I go to Christmas parties and it seems like less and less people are choosing to serve Egg Nog! Whenever I ask they say no one likes it but I find that hard to believe... I always liked this stuff and it just signifies christmas. I can't imagine a Christmas without egg nog What do...
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    Will th Nano Come Down in Price After Christmas?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the iPod Nano is due for a price drop after the holidays? Right now the 4 gig version retails for 249 US and I am hoping we will see a drop to at lest $199 US. Mabe it's wishful thinking but I really want a Nano but also want a deal!
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    Is the iPhone Just a Hoax?

    Well I guess it could very well still be all rumor as no one from Apple has said a word one way or another about this product and nobody has yet to be able to get solid information as to the exact specs. I am sure they are working on it in some way but maybe they are not as far along as...
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    Looks Like iPod is Going to Win This Season

    From the looks of it no one will be able to knock the Ipod off the top spot in MP3 players! If Microsoft could't do it then nobody can! They are the only company I can think of with the budget to make a dent in Apple's domenance of this market... it is strange how after all of these years that...
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    Will a Demo Unit be at Macworld?

    I wonder if Apple will have an actual fully functioning demo unti available at the Macworld expo or if they are just going to announce it? My guess is if a demo unit at the show then the release won't be far behind but if none is available, then we are in for a long wait! Just another guessing...
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    Gizmodo Says iPhone To Be Announced On December 18

    Yeah I would place a bet that they wait until the Macworld expo in January to announce this puppy! They need the PR from the show... all of the reporters will be there anyways and they would get even more if the launch date annoucement of the iPhone was likely to come out of the show.
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    NFL Playoff Picture

    I am hoping my hometown NY Giants manage to stabalize and make the playoffs! I think it is likely though as the NFC as a whole is not doing to well so a 9 and 6 team probably has a shot at making the Playoffs... good news for Giants and Cowboys fans I guess! Got my fingers crossed for the...
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    iPhone radio

    I don't know! I would hope that they would build in this functionality once and for all as all MP3 players have always avoided building in radios to the players. After market parts have been available for adding a Radio and will probably be available for the iPhone eventually as well... just...
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    Will They Make a Phone Add on for the Nano?

    I don't think they will! I can't imagine this being a practical solution and would be very awkward to say the least! Even if they were to figure out a way to make it somewhat usable, I just don't think there would be enough of a demand for it... most people would opt to get an iPhone instead...
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    Is the iPhone Going to Sell More than the Razr?

    Yes, $600 would be way more than anyone would pay... Is this price point rumor accurate enough? I hope not! I think if the price is resonable (less than $299 US) people will buy it but unless they are prepared to eventually offer it for sub $100 like the Razor is now, they won't stand a chance!
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    Need to Lower Prices

    It would be nice if they were to drop the prices a little but the reality is that they probably will not anytime soon. They are just making too much money and the current price point does not seem to be hindering their sales in any way. If anything they would probably raise prices before they...
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    How Many Colours?

    My guess, and that is all it is, would be that they release the phone in the standard off white color like they have done for all of their iPod product intros over the past years and then roll out some colors for the pre christmas sales rush to get some more appeal. I hope they at least...
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    Apple to Become an MVNO?

    More rumors but interesting... There is talk that Apple might sign on with a carrier to become their own MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This will mean that Apple will use someone else's network (like Verizon or Cingular's) and brand the service as Apple. This might be a risky move and I...
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    RUMOR: 3 New iPods to be Released in 2007

    If current market habits are any indicator, they can keep going with the existing iPod look and feel for some time, just making minor tweaks along the way. I give it another two years that they can milk this brand before having to come up with something completly fresh and new! I can't wait to...
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    Web Site Taking Bets on Release date

    I read somewhere online that there is a web site called that is taking bets on Apple's release date for the iPhone. They are not giving odds just let you place a bet that iPhone will be either launched befor April 30th or after April 30th. There is a higher payout if you select before...
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    If your iPod gets stolen...

    Are you looking for like a low jack solution for your iPod or something :laugh2: Truth be told I doubt Apple is going to go through much to help you out or even want to get involved in this stuff! Imagine the can of worms this would open up... all of the people would be making false claims...