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    Quick help/question for a friend!

    So my friend is on vacation right now (Thailand) and has this question for me via email: "If you unlock an iPhone to use in another country, then bring it back to the US, can you reset it, drop the att sim card back in and register it as if it was new?" I haven't searched very hard for...
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    Got mine today. I can confirm that they work the same as Apple's control like normal, and click to pause music, click twice to skip song. If you have had previous Vibes, you know how they sound. I personally really like the sound, and they are one of the very few buds I...
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    Customize keeps getting better

    I'm sorry...but where do I get options for this? I mean, I installed the Customize app...and when I go into it I see all the things I can change....but they all only have the original icon/color/graphic in the options. *EDIT* sorry...found the answer in another thread!
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    ApolloIM hits 1.0

    Yeah, what is this WiFi Keep Alive thing? Note: I haven't messed with much of the hacks and stuff...never really wanted anything that they offered...but now that there is what is said to be a good version of an IM app, I am going to give it a try. So I have to install Summerboard and...
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    So I am home now and I can't seem to find the Universal Dock (i didn't mean to say "remote" up there). I just moved, you know how things can turn up missing after a move. As far as the case holding together well, yes, it holds together very well. That being said, it is not because of the...
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    Well, I messed around with it more, and it actually is quite easy to get on and off. I guess I might have been a little scared the first time?....or maybe just the first time it is hard? And, I really don't think that it'll hurt the case after repeated on/offs. I am really liking this case.
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    I already answered the part about how easy it is to take on and off (not so easy)...but I do have a universal remote at home. I can try it out in there and let you know what I think. (Not till later today though)
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    I just tried to take it apart, and I wouldn't say it was easy. To me, that's a good thing. I don't want it to come apart easy. I rarely dock it. But for your needs, it might not be such a good thing. As sturdy and nice and snug as this thing feels, I feel it might lose some of that after...
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    I, too, had the InCase rubber case, and besides the fact that it scratched the chrome, I hated how hard it was to get in and out of the pocket. Today at the Apple store, not only did they have this Agent18 case there, but an employee also had it on his iPhone and was nice enough to let me...
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    I'm just gonna hide my 8gig under the bed, and then go buy a new 8gig for $399 so I "wont have to feel stupid about having an 8gig that cost $200 more then the other guys 8gig". That's just silly. Listen, I'll try not to repeat anything anyone else said, but my 8gig iPhone is no better or...
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    Moda Vibe duo: is it me?

    I bet they just rushed and jumped the gun by not including the controls. Or, then again, it could be just to make more money. Either way, I love my VModa Vibes that I have been using for my iPod for the past I will def. be waiting for these with the controls to come out, and will...
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    Moda Vibe duo: is it me?

    I emailed them asking about the controls: "Adam, The next generation of the DUO, set to come out next month, will come equipped with the answer/play/pause/skip control! Keep checking our website at for updates and release dates. Rock on, V-MODA Customer Service"