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  1. Listerman

    MMS will be available Friday June 19th

    there could be any number of reasons. are you running a 64 bit Operating System? Is this a MAC or a WINDOWS computer? you need to replace “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” with the iTunes.exe drive path.
  2. Listerman

    How do i send a picture with my 3GS I don't understand

    lol, where have you been? that AT&T symbol in the corner indicates your CARRIER SUCKS! MMS is delayed, you can't send photos without minor hacks
  3. Listerman

    Does NOT Get better Than This - 40-Minute Turnaround! BestBuy Was The Way To Go!

    completely agree. i woke up to a doorbell and got an iPhone :tounge: it was awesome
  4. Listerman

    Legitimate argument with Apple and AT&T

    optional but retarded solution (right about the same cost as the no contract) add an additional family line for 9.99 a month, buy a 3g at 199 or 299 and activate it on your number and then just pay the extra 9.99 a month. lol
  5. Listerman

    Item Shipped! :-)

    You know whats funny about this shipping thing is the line that says: THE RECEIVER REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE. I did not request a hold and I am the receiver correct? WHO CAN I CALL!? I will drive to pick this thing up today!
  6. Listerman

    Delivery dates for online orders

    bah! my iPhone is in Louisville! I live in Cincinnati! LOUISVILLE, KY, US...
  7. Listerman

    Selling 3G for 3GS - Update or Not

    i restored my 3G to 2.2.1, jailbroke it, and ebay'd it for 400 buy it now. sold in 7 hours, probably could of gotten more but it was a quick sale so definitely worth it.
  8. Listerman

    Use my wife's upgrade for my 3GS?

    i don't believe the iPhone data plan will ever take effect on the secondary line because the phone isn't being activated on that line. i recall activating my 3g and once activated the plan took effect.
  9. Listerman

    Use my wife's upgrade for my 3GS?

    the iPhone comes paired to nothing in anyway unless for some reason the sim cards are not removable in this model (i would be pissed). so its almost like your just buying a phone, slide whatever SIM in you'd like and follow the appropriate activation steps, that SIM card will provide all the...
  10. Listerman

    Use my wife's upgrade for my 3GS?

    I ordered off and the only thing I had to pay was the price of the phone. Since I upgraded a secondary line no service changes or charges are applied until activation through iTunes which wont apply to the secondary line because it wont be activated for that phone number.
  11. Listerman

    What taxes did you pay for the 3GS?

    i don't know how that worked. ive never gotten charged for activation or upgrade. could be cause im a premier member through my employer?
  12. Listerman

    iPhone 3GS activation

    if your a new customer, a SIM will be provided and activation will be through iTunes like usual existing customers should use their old sim card
  13. Listerman

    Use my wife's upgrade for my 3GS?

    yep, im rocking a moto razor until my 3GS arrives. sold my 3G for 400 on ebay :laugh2:
  14. Listerman

    What taxes did you pay for the 3GS?

    whoa 363! SubTotal: $299.00 Tax: $19.44 Shipping Charge: $0.00 Total: $318.44
  15. Listerman

    Use my wife's upgrade for my 3GS?

    if you go in to AT&T to upgrade your wife's phone they are going to put the iPhone required data plan on for $30 a month. once its turned on activated and everything all you need to do is pull the SIM card from your phone, put it into the new 3GS, and call AT&T to have the data plan changed...
  16. Listerman

    Upgrading to 3G S on Diff Account

    this is almost exactly what i am doing. my primary line is not eligible to buy a 3GS because i bought a 3G on release day. my secondary line (mom's phone line, never used) is eligible for an upgrade so i ordered the 3GS off under that phone number. when it comes just activate it on...
  17. Listerman

    Why should I have to wait a month to buy 3G S?

    have to say, this is why i love having two lines on my bill. i can upgrade my second line for the subsidized pricing but use it on my primary :-)
  18. Listerman

    Selling your old ver1 or 3G iPhone...

    the new owner would use their own sim. the sim stores your phone number and often some contact information. never give your sim with a phone when you sell it. i sold my iPhone 3g 16GB white *ONLY JAILBROKEN* for 400 on ebay in 7 hours
  19. Listerman

    Need replacement but I'm on 3.0

    Well. Apple replaced it due to the cracking. Didn't even look at my phone or firmware thank god
  20. Listerman

    Need replacement but I'm on 3.0

    i just talked to Apple care and he obviously had no response to the 3.0 and warranty void. since its an appearance defect with the cracking that has nothing to do with the firmware so i may get lucky but at the same time he had no idea if 3.0 was void since it is firmware developed and...