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  1. Listerman

    Need replacement but I'm on 3.0

    So this has been occurring a lot recently, even before 3.0 beta 2 I will be browsing the internet using Safari and the phone will lockup. In order to do anything I have to reset the phone (power+home til restart). Well when I do this the phone battery drops from near 100% to 10%. Last night...
  2. Listerman

    Is all hope lost for typical/basic functions?

    After having an iPhone v1 and now my iPhone 3G I feel all hope is lost for even the basic features flip phones come with. I waited for the iPhone 3G on launch day, yes I love it over my old iPhone v1 but I am starting to loose interest... List of functions I want to see: -Ability to...
  3. Listerman

    iTunes on 3G

    Ok, since we can download from the App Store up to 10mb why cant we download anything from iTunes? Both access our iTunes accounts Both store purchase history on the account when you click Install or Purchase Only App Store works on 3g unless the file is greater then 10mb, which then...
  4. Listerman

    Odds the iPhone 3G will be sold out iDay2?

    I want to camp out but I wont have the opportunity to. What are the chances I can walk in to the Apple store Friday night and purchase the new iPhone?
  5. Listerman

    What is on Steve Jobs 3G iPhone page 2?

    For those who only run one page on their iPhone they know they don't have the page dots at the bottom above the tab bar. For those who run multiple pages, you see a white dot to symbolize which page you are on. All 3g iPhone pics so far show 2 pages.... whats on page 2? it may just be a...
  6. Listerman

    Family plan upgrade to 3G iPhone

    According to Apple the $199 and $299 is only: *Based on 3G and EDGE testing. Actual speeds vary by site conditions. Based on iPhone 3G (8GB) and first-generation iPhone (8GB) purchases. Requires new 2-year AT&T rate plan, sold separately I've been with Cingular/ATT for 3 years on an awesome...
  7. Listerman

    Did anyone else see this on engadget?

    Sorry if repost but I never saw this on the homepage, found it on a random link.
  8. Listerman

    Vote iPhone My colleague keeps rubbing these reviews in my face cause the Voyager is so much better then the iPhone but I don't think people realize how the iPhone firmware is growing. Verizon's Voyager won't have frequent firmware updates like the iPhone...
  9. Listerman

    Back cover slowly decoloring... (for iPhoners with no case)

    Anyone else having issues with the back silver slowly wearing away from where your fingers sit while talking or holding it? Right above my APPLE logo is a spot where my finger slides up and down while on a call. I originally had a 4gig and got replaced with an 8gig when the rebate happened so...
  10. Listerman

    Bottom left speaker the only one that works?

    So my colleague at work just noticed if he slides his hand over the bottom left of my iPhone the sound completely dies and muffles. Of course thats happening because hes covering the speaker but, it doesn't occur on the right speaker. So we are assuming that the right speaker puts out no...
  11. Listerman

    How Apple got my business back

    Well my iPhone was having issues. Called 1800MYiPhone, talked to about 5 service guys, they all made things worse with no customer service at all. One guy told me he was making an appointment at my Apple store for phone evaluation and troubleshooting. Got there for my appointment, it didn't...
  12. Listerman

    The forum is not the place to rant about the price drop.

    Ok, so I have the 4gb model and I am over satisfied with my iPhone. Sure the price drop was nice but seriously, quit with the bickering on the forums. The only people you can tell is Apple or ATT, well actually Apple, ATT will probably do very little. You have the most revolutionized phone...