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  1. Lester56

    What I LOVE Most When I walk Into the Apple Store

    I often stroll into the Apple store because - hey, its a cool place, and I'm an Apple Junkie/fan boy. My favorite thing to do is walk over to the iPhone display and watch people fondling the iPhones. Recently a married couple, probably in their late 40's, were both fondling iPhones and each...
  2. Lester56

    Yes, you will want the NEW iPhone, Next Year.

  3. Lester56

    Do you know anyone who has had a good experience with.....?

    Microsoft Vista? I've been asking around work and have come into contacts through family and NO ONE I know has had a good experience. In fact, ALL of them have taken in off their machines or are in the process of removing it. I am happy with WinXPro 64 and Mac 10.4 and have seen first hand how...
  4. Lester56

    eBay Item # 110182560139 ROCKS

    Described as "3.5mm Headset Headphone Adapter for iPhone Mic Volume" these turned out to be very useful. This device allows you to use your favorite iPod quality headset WITH you iPhone and take calls. In-line between your headset and the iPhone this gives you the "clicker" with "mic" and a...
  5. Lester56

    New Life for Apple iPhone Ear Buds

    Peeps, I absolutely cannot stand the Apple Ear Buds. They simply suck. Whom ever designed these things - they should be dragged from their home, into the street, and beaten to death. Ok, now that I have that off my chest.... I was in MicroCenter...the Walmart for Geeks, in Columbus OH...
  6. Lester56

    TIME's Invention of the Year

    The iPhone.,8599,1678581,00.html All you whiners.....kneel and repent!
  7. Lester56

    BUMMER, Rivet Headphones

    Rivet site: if you continue to following the links to purchase these headsets, the page where you add your credit card is not a secure page! eeeeccckkk!:angry: I'd love to have a pair through, not secure, no dice. I'll look on eBay...
  8. Lester56

    HTTP Authentication?

    When I travel to Troy, MI, the local Twp of Oakland has free, city-wide WiFi. The issue is connecting to it. It uses a HTTPS log-in for authentication and I cannot seem to get my iPhone connected to it. I'm sure this request has already been made so URL points within this forum are welcome.
  9. Lester56

    Is there a directory of all "Everything Apple" forums?

    I am interested in diving into the AppleTV bandwagon, altho I have many questions on functionality and intercompatbility. Is there a forum?
  10. Lester56

    More 1.1.1 Good News !

    After upgrading my iPhone to 1.1.1 my Pioneer system, which came with my Scion xB, now accepts the iPhone just like my video iPod and allows me to control functions through the steering wheel radio buttons and the deck head. (warm sighs)
  11. Lester56

    The True Sound of Sorrow

    People, get a grip. I've burried a parent. I've seen people blow themselves up. I've been in horrid motorcycle accidents. I've had my left shoulder reconstructed - twice. I've watched 3 children brought into the world. I've watched helplessly as a neighbor's house burned to the ground...