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    How do I rename a folder I created in iBrickr or delete it and...

    and sometimes when I click on a file, itll show the options for deletion and such all the way down at the bottom, so that only download is can I fix that and the problem in the title. What I did was copy all of the files (one by one) from the safari app into an app folder that...
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    Screenshot app w/ iBrickr help

    I know theres a screenshot app where u can take snapshots of your iPhone screen, and I need to know how to get that on my iphohne using iBrickr. anybody got the pxl file for it?
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    WTF.....did I just get a virus from iBrickr?!

    Ok, so I dl'ed iBrickr and used it to get some apps and ringtones on my phone and to change 1 graphic so far....... but I'm getting a message saying that part of my hardrive is failing. There was another message about something about limited users having a hard time logging in. Othere than...
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    How do I change gaphics using iBrickr?

    I've already got my ring tones set up, but I want to set up custom graphics and I guess that's what the "Files" feature is for? But where do I need to go to change the graphics in thew little fake iPhone? If someone could just explain nice and easy, that would be great.
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    If I wanted to add ringtones and change graphics, then where do I START

    Because I've seen plenty of tutorials on how to add ringtones, with different Apps or doing it on the computer and Im so confused. Can someone just link me to the MODERN stuff I need to do this? And I only have Windows Vista
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    Just Have 3 questions, Please Help

    Ok, I just got my iPhone. Its awesome. I love it. 1. Sometimes, I'll be playing a song in the background while Im looking at Maps or something. And then out of nowhere, it stops my song and goes to the home screen. Why? 2. How dangerous is it to mod your iPhone to get custom bgs...