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    A good DVD ripping program for PC?

    Handbrake is for Mac, right? I use DVD Decryptor and Videora iPhone Converter to grab excellent quality movies from my DVDs to my iPhone. There's a tutorial on this: Ped Xing
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    iPhone lockup/hang constantly

    I'm beginning to wonder if it might be an activation problem... See, out of curiosity, I put the SIM from my Cingular BlackBerry in the iPhone. Predictably, it popped up some kind of "wrong SIM" message. But then it worked! It connected to WiFi and I was able to do everything except call and...
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    iPhone lockup/hang constantly

    I just got a new 8 GB iPhone from my wife as a gift. What a great girl! Anyway, I'm totally disappointed. It locks up constantly - totally hung. No controls work. I reset it and maybe 1 time in 10 it works for a while and then stops responding again. I've now restored it 5 times on two...