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    Reverse Syncing iPhone Data, Pictures & Contacts onto iTunes

    So Just recently I got a new laptop. And I want to change my main iPhone base to this laptop instead of my computer. Does anyone know of anyway how to reverse sync my pictures, contacts and music[NOT BOUGHT OFF iTunes] back onto the iTunes on my laptop, without restoring it and loosing all...
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    Skinning an iPhone

    So... Ive gone through about every step into customizing my skin for my iPhone.. but im pretty much stuck at this step.. so ive downloaded the skin i want.. and this downloaded skin is set up in which theres folders of each home screen icon, for example a folder named calculator then i...
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    reverse sync and restore old data to an iPhone

    soooo i just got a new laptop. and all my iPhone data is in my computer. is there a way to reverse sync all the stuff in my iPhone to my laptop like you can with an ipod? it succccccks caaause i just lost everything on my iPhone from plugging it in. is there a way to get all my stuff back?
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    reverse sync an iPhone

    HOW? :[[[[[[[ i just got a new laptop andddddd i want stuff on my iPhone on there.
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    keeping iTunes library on new computer

    so I'm getting a new computer today.. And I want to know the easiest way to keep my 700 some songs on it from my old computer., Cause I want to use this computer for my phone but then im going to loose all my other stuff.
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    email same as texting?

    so i got stuck with 200 txt mssgs And used them all already If i were to use my email on this phone to send and receive mssgs from other phones instead will it still count as a text or an email? In other words will it charge me?
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    Converting Movies from Limewire to iTunes

    So I downloaded some movies from Limewire, and Im wondering how to convert it to iTunes so i can put it i my iPhone