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    iOS 13 iOS 14

    Hi all.... anybody around to talk about iOS 14? Europa? Napolean?
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    TV Shows and movies on my iPhone

    I have a question regarding TV shows and movies synced to my iPhone and/or iPad. Prior to iTunes Match, I was able to see exactly what I had synced to my devices. However, now when I go into the Video app, its shows me all of the content that I have in iTunes for TV shows and movies. While...
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    Everythingicafe Podcast

    Chris/Marianne, Are you guys still doing the Podcast? The last episode was back in August. ~S
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    Contact Pictures in iOS 7

    So I got lucky today and was able to walk out of my T-Mobile store with a 32gb iPhone 5s (black). I noticed that on the models in the store, if you made a call the contact picture appeared in a small circle in the top right of the screen (similar to the way they look on the favorites page)...
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    T mobile question

    I was just looking into these new plans and the savings over my att plan seems to good to be true. Currently I have the mobile share plan with 5 smart phones and 10gb of shared data. Each phone costs $30 plus 120 for the data, which works out to about 54 per phone or $270. Of course my bill...
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    Is AirPlay included in Mac OS X Lion?

    Does anybody know if AirPlay was included on OS X Lion? I am looking to stream videos I take with my iPhone to my Mac. I can do it to Apple TV, but I had thought that airplay was built into Lion. Any help is appreciated. ~S
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    Verizon 4.2.7

    Hey all, Does anybody know if there is an untethered jailbreak for the Verizon iPhone 4 running iOS version 4.2.7..... Thanks ~S
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    Jailbreaking 4.2.1 on an iPod Touch 3rd generation

    Hi all, I jailbroke my daughter's 3 generation iPod Touch using Greenpois0n. Everything went well and I got the app that allowed me to install Cydia. However, when I try to launch Cydia, it immediately closes. Has anybody had this happen before? Thanks ~S
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    Just got a Tweet from iPhoneDev...... Apple has release an update 4.0.2.... per the DevTeam do not update as of now if you want to keep your jailbreak.... ~S
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    OS 4.0 Beta 2 Bugs

    First bug I have noticed on Beta 2 is that the phone will not go into Airplane mode nor will it turn WiFi off..... everything else is working well for me... ~S
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    Ok... I just downloaded and installed pogoplank.....very cool app. Currently i am using the default theme. i downloaded a fews for it from Cydia, however, when i enable them from PPSettings, pogoplank crashes after the respring. The default themes work fine though..... I am running...
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    Verizon doubles early termination fees

    Wonder how long before other carriers follow suit.... ~S
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    Gruppled Theme Help

    I have followed the guide listed on this website: I used the creators custom Theme files located on page 3. The only thing I updated was the weather for my zip code. Everything installed ok, however, my mail, calendar...
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    motion-X apps

    Saw this article on Gizmodo. Its regarding the sailboat race from California to Hawaii and is a liveblog from one of the participants. He happens to be Phillippe Kahn, who is the founder of a number of software firms, most recently, Fullpower, which created the Motion-X series of iPhone apps...
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    Doom Resurrection is coming next week

    Looks good.....check out this preview video from Gizmodo.......
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    I had my iPhone setup to sync my contacts with my mobile me (trial service) and I cancelled that service last night (just did not use it enough to justify the 100). Anyhow, when I tried to sync my contacts with address book (on the MAC) iTunes gave me a message stating that it could not sync...
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    App Question...

    Has anybody come across a good news reader or a yahoo messenger program in the app store yet? Thanks, ~S
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    SMS and Voicemail Custom Ringtones?

    Hi all, Does anyone know which program to use to allow one to use custom ringtones for sms messages and voicemail notifications under the Zibri/Tinman 1.13 jailbreak? Thanks in advance, ~S
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    Moving Summerboard Themes

    I have jailbroken my iPhone using Tinman's method and I installed Summerboard and some themes. I know from reading the forums that the downloaded themes are going into the incorrect directory and that they need to be moved. I then installed BSD subsystem and Open SSH to my iPhone. I then...
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    Good Article

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